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Benidorm 24 Day 21

Today was one of my best days so far. Flat roads with smooth surfaces and not much traffic, sunny weather, and meeting one of my most favourite people in the world. Sorry, Matthew, I’m talking about Lorraine.

Today was all about getting to Denia, only 54k or so, but I ended up in Jávea a little further along. I have holidayed in both of these places in the past and have to say I don’t really recognise them as they’ve changed so much.

It was amazing to see Lorraine and Matthew today, who popped the extra kilometres to see me for lunch, and are here to see me in tomorrow in Benidorm. I can not begin to tell you how much that means to me, along with the other people I will see tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

After a rather large tapas lunch, I thought I’d carry on over to Jávea to kill off 200 metres of climbing for tomorrow, considering I’d had a flat day and tomorrow has hills. It means I should land in Benidorm for about midday.

To top my day off, Ian Fuller sent me a video that has had me in tears. I’ve only watched it four times so far! My wonderful Lorraine organised it and we’ve just sobbed together over Facetime talking about it, although her and Ian looked like they had funny zooming around town on mobility scooters.

Friends and family all sending messages of well wishes.

It probably won’t surprise you, but I don’t do praise very well at the best of times.

For instance, I look at this challenge as something any healthy, able-bodied person could do if they wanted to. I truly believe that. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly not out of reach.

But, to sit here in a hotel room and realise that there are people out there cheering you on, well, call me Walter The Softie, but the tears are flowing freely.

Thank you all! Especially Lorraine and Ian, and all those people who have donated. After all that’s why I am doing it.

I’ve not had Cancer so I have absolutely no idea what that must feel like; getting the diagnosis and the fear that comes with it. But, I know what a difference this money will make to the charity, and the people who rely on it.

So, let’s remember. I haven’t raised £16,000 – WE HAVE!

No update tomorrow, but hopefully one at the weekend.

Craig x


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