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Benidorm 24 Day 15

My hotel room was next to a family room last night. They were very noisy. My ear plugs worked a treat. As I was eating my breakfast this morning a family walked in. Judging by the way the boy was bouncing, that would be my neighbours. They got him chocolate milk and a cake from the buffet. Yeh, that’ll calm him down.

moseyed back to my bedroom. I had a short day today so was in no rush. Irony said a loud hello as I passed their bedroom, with a Do Not Disturb sign hanging off the handle.

I didn’t leave the hotel until around 10 o’clock so succumbed to a bath. I only had 38km ahead of me today and it was flat. I was also going to be camping tonight – warm weather and a campsite in the right place is always a good combination.

Two kilometres from the hotel, I was guided onto a canal path. It was stoney, but flat and took me all the way into the city, about 500m from my campsite.

A bit of drama half way in when I went off course. I got so excited by coming off the rough canal path that I didn’t really look at the map. 

One kilometre later, I saw my mistake and turned back. The sneaky turn was easy to miss and I got back on the gravel. Twenty metres later I was confronted with a river crossing. The only thing for it was bare feet and hope, with shoes tied firmly to the bike.

We made it quite easily, thankfully. Then it was more of the same. A gravel path alongside a long canal which looked like it was used more for irrigation than transporting anything.

That same canal ended up running around the back of the campsite so as soon as I turned off, I was pretty much there. 2pm and all unpacked I did what any normal person would do. I got on my bike and headed for the old town.

It’s a lovely city and I stopped to look at some of the sights. The Aljafería Palace, The Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, the Catedral del Salvador, the Arco del Deán, the Monumento al Rey Alfonso I el Batallador and Estadio La Romareda, the home of Real Zaragoza. I’ve moved around a city twice this year on a bike and it’s such a great way to get around. Give it a go one day.

Then, a trip to the supermercado and back to the campsite for a bit of washing, a chat to the French guy next to me and then up to the bar to write this.

Fuck me, Spanish people know how to talk loudly, don’t they? Especially in groups. They almost shout at each other. I feel like walking over and saying, LOOK, THEY ARE LESS THAN A METRE AWAY FROM YOU!

Which is why I shall say goodnight now listening to a bit of Massive Attack on my headphones.

God, I’d hate to be on the pitch next to them, Do Not Disturb sign or not.


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