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Benidorm 24 Day 14

Today delivered. A shorter run, which ended up still being 80km, wind behind me a lot of the way and not many hills. And, despite it not being roasting hot, the sun shone all day.

I woke up having slept very well. The last few days riding (and walking), coupled with the lack of a big hearty meal, has left me feeling a bit jaded. I didn’t need to leave too early today so took my time and had what must be my 1,000th baguette of the trip for breakfast. One of my panniers had come away from the frame, so I felt content I now knew what the knocking was I had all yesterday afternoon and that it wasn’t too serious. I had some spares but no spacers (they are probably resting on a muddy path right now). Luckily the pannier rested against the frame so that would do.

My day was uneventful. It seems that between big towns and cities in Spain, there are huge gaps and small towns which seem deserted.

I had decided to take an 8km detour to a larger town, Ejea de los Caballeros, because there was a supermarket. I have learned that you need to be stocked up. This was the highlight of my day all being told, including the many odd looks as I wandered the aisles with my cycling gear on.

Purchases included a scrubbing brush so I could give Terence a rub down to get some of yesterday’s dry mud off. He said thanks in his own little way.

The weather was good today, but no campsites in sight. I’ve discovered though that when you’re in this part of the world, you can pick up bargains on Booking.Com. So tonight, I am staying next to a motorway in a hotel that looks like a castle. Bed and breakfast for £53.

Terence has his own balcony and I even have a bath. I miss my bath and didn’t want to cheat on it so stuck to the shower so I could wash my clothes at the same time.

That said, €4.50 a beer (£3.85) here! Seems cheap when I say it out loud. I’m still trying to get used to the pricing out here. €1.40 for a coffee. They speak so fast I end up having to giving them notes because I don’t know the number. Then I’m so surprised by the cheap price, I give them a huge tip.

Tomorrow, a very short day as I hit Zaragoza and hopefully a campsite.



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