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Craig's Musings

Important Send Off Update

Hi all, I am really sorry, but due to logistics arrangements that are out of my control, I will no longer be leaving from The Orchard on 19th April. I was hoping to have a big send-off, but I am afraid we’ve had to cancel it because of the timings at the venue.

I am so sorry, as I know some people wanted to ride down with me, but the important thing for me is that I have had a timetable planned for months and need to stick to it. Besides, I can’t afford to miss my ferry.

As the time draws near (15 days!), I have the last few details to sort out, and I have to admit I am a little nervous and just want to get on with it with as little fuss as possible. So, as disappointed as I am that we can’t do the send-off, there is also an element of relief that I can just lock my door at home and cycle into the sun with no fanfare.


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