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Heavy and Windy

So, 12 days to go until I leave, and the realisation is kicking in. I have a sudden urge to check and recheck everything. The bike is getting a lot of loving attention; my electronics are in order, and another quick check on my passport, even though it still has seven years left on it. Through my general buffoonery, I did manage to lose my bank card this week, which I found about five minutes after cancelling it – The standard and loud reinforcement that “I’ve looked everywhere” fallacy is still firmly intact.

Hopefully, the stress is behind me now, carrying me forward like Storm Kathleen to a gentler two-week run-in that will now allow me to lock the front door on the 19th and just start cycling without having to worry about other things – apart from my bank card.

The weather needs to change, though. I know it’s a silly time of year to be doing this ride (and that’s another long story), but it’s got to be sunny in Spain, right? The song said it would be.

Or, knowing my luck, I will be cycling on the plain, with the rain in Spain falling gently.

I’m even starting to regret buying some new shorts the other day. At this rate, they’ll be travelling to Benidorm in a pannier bag rather than stretched across my ample bottom. In fact, perhaps my summer clothing is conspiring against me to avoid that particular trial, with regular meetings of the National Union Of Summer Clothing Workers Party taking place each night in my special cycling drawer at home.

Or maybe that’s just me letting my mind run away again.

Isn’t it?

Some more generous donations this week have added an extra £365 to the total, which now stands at £12,410.

Just over £2.5k to go… And the small matter of 1,700km!


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