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Benidorm 24 Day 9

Having had a day off, I was trepidatious as I said goodbye to Lorraine and headed off around 8am. I only had 90km to do today, and it was all pretty flat. I should be at my destination by 2pm. I’d set my tent up and catch up on some admin.

I also wasn’t paying much attention to my bike computer as I loaded the route. About 3km in, I took a look at the distance to go and noticed it was on 113km. I’d forgotten to load on the outer with the exact start so it was taking me another way. After crossing the city and doing an extra 5km, I re-joined the route and the number came back down.

The road to Biganos was long and flat, but luckily not too boring and my average speed was good. Getting through the town itself wasn’t nice. It had started raining and the drivers were not to tolerant with a cyclist on the road.

Out the other side I had a mixture of paths and then on the D roads again which was a continuation of the same. Rain and drivers whisking past far to close for my liking. I paused at a small crossroads and took a chance on Google, heading off down a lovely lane. But, before long it was trying to send me down muddy tracks, so improvised and ended up on country tracks. This eventually led to a small road, which it wanted me to cross, once again, down a muddy path. I’d had enough and cycled back west to rejoin the crappy, busy road. I just kept my head down until I got to Sanguinet, where I stopped, soaked through, and ducked into a little restaurant for lunch. Treating myself to a stake and frites, I chatted to the young waiter who seemed excited to try his English having lived in Camden for a couple of years in his late teens,

The rain had abated by now, and I slide by wet shorts back on Terence and headed on. Only another 20km. If only?

Out of the town, I was directed onto some lovely cycle paths. The sun even shone. My mood was lifting. I was so delirious in fact, I carried on cycling it and missed a turn. Another 6km detour.

Then the heavens opened. By the time I got to the campsite, I was cold, wet and my mood was low. So, I just carried on. I found a town which sounded lovely and it was on my route. It also had hotels. Just another 20km. It involved some climbing towards the end through a lovely hilltop forest (and down the other side) and after 126km for the day, I rolled in.

The wind was howling, the waves crashing, the hotel was a two star. But, I had a warm bed.


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