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Benidorm 24 Day 5

La Rochelle Cycling

So last night I stayed at La Roche-sur-Yon, or to be more precise, a Budget IBIS about 5km north of the town. There were two IBIS hotels next to each other, this one was definitely the budget. The room was big, and Terence stayed with me. A dog in another room barked until 10 pm like dogs do when their owners are shit or leave them, but he must of know there was a curfew as I didn’t hear him again. I mimicked him by sleeping like a dog.

After having breakfast and pilfering some baguettes for lunch, I decided to leave early and was on the road by 8. Compared to the last two days, this would be an easier ride – quite flat after the first 30km, and only 80km.

As my hotel was off a main dual carriageway, I was effectively in more of an industrial area, and spent the first few kilometres avoiding lorries, before manoeuvring through a large retail park car park before heading through La Roche-sur-Yon.

Then it was the open road.

I even put a podcast on my phone to listen to as I cycled. It was great to have flatter roads as well as the wind behind me. I have the wind on my side since day one and really notice the difference if I have to head east or west. Long may it continue.

I arrived at La Rochelle around two. I planned to stop here overnight but was mindful that I had a long day tomorrow, and also was feeling good. La Rochelle had been a big milestone for me in my planning, but I felt I need to go on and the town was very busy with tourists. I guess I felt a little out of place.

So, I plugged in the town of Rochefort (there is a reason I’ll share tomorrow) and found a lovely hotel in the centre (not an IBIS) and set off. The first 10km was along the coast on the paths. There were a few dodgy areas but Terence was a trooper.

I was really feeling it around 10km out and could not stop yawning on the bike. The wind was starting to twist and turn and my legs were starting to ache. We made it in around 4.45pm and 129km for the day. I have to say, I am feeling good with that and following a lovely Italian meal and ready for bed.

Oh, in other news, we hit £15,000 today!



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