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Benidorm 24 Day 12

Today, I will be short and sweet. It’s late and I’ve had a busy evening changing my plans. I’m in Pamplona. It’s a lovely city and very busy, possibly because it’s Workers Day tomorrow, a public holiday.

My day started early, eating a bad hotel breakfast (3 out of 10), which is what I should have expected considering last night, so I was out the door by 8am following my usual bike set up. I;m getting quite adept at loading the bike now, it’s only taken 11 days.

Today was all about getting over the Pyrenees. Although at the lower western side, it was still a huge climb, with around 900 metres of climbing in the first 24k, 600 of which seemed to be reserved for the final 10k with an average of between 6 and 8%. I had hoped to get to the top by 11. It ended up being 12.

What I hadn’t planned for were two more climbs. The first one was relatively short, but the final one, over Erro, was a category four climb. I was only 3k, but it sure was hard.

Then in the final stretch, I found myself running out of water battling a head wind. Eventually hitting the edge of the city I found a shop to fuel up.

I am so tired tonight and contemplated a rest day tomorrow, especially as the weather is back to bad again. I think I’ve had two good days in 12 so far. But the hotel is fully booked, so I have decided to crack on. More cycling in the cold and rain tomorrow awaits. 

I could have just cycled circles around Basingstoke for that!


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