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Training Leaping, Sponsorship Creeping

This last couple of weeks have seen huge strides in my training, including a 64km ride on a warm, then wet and windy Thursday with Gary and Mark (pictured). It gave me the chance to model my new pink ride shirts, which I think  you will agree are ‘noticable’.

Thanks to the chaps for the session, including a lunch stop at Yew Tree Inn in Lower Wield. It was a hilly route that had us all puffing by the end and great to be pushing longer distances.

Cycling with Gary and Mark

And, thanks to Gary paying for lunch, it meant another forty pounds in the Pink Place pot.

Combined with generous donations this week from the lovely Gill Steel, Mr Basingstoke, Mark Jones, and a personal donation from Tony Gardiner from one of my sponsors, Beaufort Financial, the total is climbing and now stands at £8530.

With just 34 days to go until the off, things are coming together. A bit of bike maintenance is due, with my front chainring creating a very annoying noise I’d like to sort before I go. Despite the bike being 13 months old, can I find a suitable replacement part? Can I bugger. Shimano do like to keep things complicated.

Over on social media, I have started following some intrepid cyclists doing much longer journeys than I. This has helped me find new apps to help me on my way, including Cycle.Travel and iOverlander – any more suggestions for finding local info very much welcome.


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