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Through London Training

As I write this, it is exactly 19 days to go until I set off from Basingstoke to Benidorm. It’s been an eventful week, with a train trip up to London, so that I could cycle home the next day and test my mettle. I love cycling in London. The cycle lanes and availability of bikes are brilliant for moving around a city.

The ride back itself, around 88km, is around my average day on the trip, so it was a good test as I was also carrying quite a bit of weight on the bike. It wasn’t the hilliest of routes, and that’s where the weight kicks in, but I did average 19.2km/h, where I am planning on around 17-19 km/h so feeling good with that.

We also had a quiz in Basingstoke on Thursday night (28th), thanks to my friends and colleagues from Beaufort Financial (Reading), who let me hijack the event for my fundraising.

It was a fun night with some very generous local companies coming along. On top of the entry fees, they were also incredibly generous with the raffle and all-in-all we managed to raise £2,975. This has been added to the total which now stands at £12,045.

With under three weeks to go, my bike is purring, and I am feel fit and flexible with my new stretching routines. But just one day on the bike turns my legs to stone, so I’ll be creating some funny looks as I hit the camp sites and start trying to grab my legs to give my quads and hamstrings a good workout every day.

After yesterdays ride from London, I am just psyching myself to go out again today, and I have a ride planned tomorrow (Easter Monday) so three days on the trot should give me a good idea where I am.


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