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Sponsor Gratitude – GSG

With 40 days to go until the grand depart and the weather becoming a bit more bearable, I managed to get three rides in last week, with three more planned this week.

Last week, I took a trip up the M3 on four wheels to visit one of my sponsors, Global Services Group. They have not only given me some corporate sponsorship for the ride, but have also donated some ace prizes of the raffle at the end of the month (now sold out).

GSG and MD, Rob Berringer, are a very generous bunch, both professionally and personally and support a number of great causes, usually under the radar. Having met Rob through mutual friends in 2017, we have become good friends, and if there is anyone you want to have on your side, it’s him.

The Pink Place is a great cause. At times when people are having a few issues in life, there's someone who can take them aside, give them a bit of support, and just make them feel a bit better about things.


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