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Craig's Musings

3rd March Update

Still wet. Still cold. but this morning it was only one of those. Unfortunately, no one told my legs and it was a bit of a slog just to do 35km. I am sure I’ll have days like this on the ride so it’s just a case of shifting to a lower gear and trudging along.

A huge thanks this week to Mark & Denise Lane, and also Dave Gammon of Sixth Sense Business. Not only did they both give a very generous donation, but the words that came with them were also great to hear. The prep on this ride, and indeed the ride itself, can be a bit of a lonely place, so when you see messages telling you what a good job you’re doing, it really does mean the world and spurs me on.

Other Updates

We have one more table left for the quiz in Basingstoke on 28th March. You can find out more and buy tickets on The Pink Place website.

beaufort quiz for The Pink Place

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