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Craig's Musings

Whoa, Livin’ On A Prayer

It’s 7 am. I’m writing this from a darkened hotel bedroom, being as quiet as a dormouse (a 120kg dormouse), as my girlfriend gently sleeps. The romantic gift of earplugs I got her seem to be helping.

I’m in Ghent for the weekend, a lovely place, made all the lovelier by our chosen mode of transport, bikes.

Craig In Ghent

One of the reasons I’ve always loved cycling is what you get to see at the speed you get to see it. It’s a great way to get around in a city when the infrastructure is there. Countries like Belgium have it nailed: Pedestrians, trams, buses, bikes – even cars! – just merrily coexist without anger. There is a harmony about it, as if this is what is should be like.

When I leave Basingstoke on 19th April, I know I’ll already be looking forward to the next day being on the continent with a much more tolerant attitude behind the wheels of les voitures, and on much better road surfaces.

Meanwhile, my little jaunt away has put the kibosh on my training for the latter part of this week; no bad thing with my recent foot issues. Next week, I will be back at it. I have also decided to scale back my training, opting for a more measured approach (not something I am well known for).

Fundraising Update

Meanwhile, our fundraising is now over the 50% mark and stands at £6,675.

This latest leap is mainly down to a man called Rob Berringer. Although he is a client of my little marketing consultancy, we also became friends when we met randomly back in 2017. He is such a generous and supportive person. We have good chats where he often makes me laugh out loud, and I am glad to have him in my life.

Rob was first on the list when it came to sponsoring the ride with one of his companies – GSG – and that money was added to the total this week and paid across to the charity. (The Pink Place, if you needed a reminder.)

He also donated the rugby tickets last week, which sold for £300.

Say no more, except Top Man.

This is why, when you hear me talk about this ride, I always use the word we

Nothing in life works in isolation and this ride would not work at all without all the people supporting me – from the sponsors, to my wonderfully supportive girlfriend, to the charity, to the interest and ongoing support of friends and family.

When I cross that line in Benidorm, that’s the easy bit. And in isolation, that would just be a cycling holiday. But with everyone’s ongoing help and support, I know that we can make a real difference to help those people in our community who are looking for a different kind of support RIGHT NOW.

As a community, when we work together and are focused, we can do good some very things, each of playing our part. Some might say, as they wave at you from a passing tram… in harmony.


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