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Sponsor Gratitude – Ripton Windows

It’s still cold and very wet, so training conditions are not ideal. But I have managed to combine more gym work with a couple of road trips. Last week, I popped in a 50km ride, which was more than comfortable so I am moving in the right direction.

This week, I did manage to visit one of my sponsors, Ripton Windows. They have not only given me some corporate sponsorship for the ride, but have also adopted The Pink Place as their charity of the year. 

Matthew Ripton and Ripton Windows have been incredibly supportive and champion local initiatives where they can.

Like any smaller, family-run business, the past few years – with COVID, supplier issues and cost-of-living pressures – have made things challenging, but it has not stopped them from supporting The Pink Place, and they have raised and donated a total of £3,153 so far over the past seven months.

Everybody knows how many people get cancer these days. We've been in business since 1996 in Basingstoke and we support The Pink Place because of all the wonderful work it does locally.

Other Updates

We have two more tables left for the quiz in Basingstoke on 28th March. You can find out more and buy tickets on The Pink Place website.

beaufort quiz for The Pink Place

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