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Sponsor Gratitude – MiniTec UK

Well… The weather outside is frightful. No it’s not Christmas, just February in the UK. This means I am still more in the gym than on the road, but I had to keep a date with Gary Livingstone this week despite the weather. Let’s just say it was a good test for the wet weather bags and a reminder that I need some waterproof foot coverings.

Gary has become a good friend, having met him nearly 20 years ago through work. We did JOGLE together in 2016 (with stories to tell) and are also both involved with Arkriders.

This year, however, I have chosen to ride alone. For his part, though, Gary has stepped up to the mark and is one of the four key sponsors for the ride. Without them, I would be nowhere near my goals in terms of fundraising, so I have a lot to thank each of them for.

One of his three firms, MiniTec UK, is a business that works from Basingstoke, supplying bespoke solutions for industry using its range of versatile aluminium profiles, products and accessories. From safety cages and warehouse trolleys to Football Dugouts and film set rigging, it really is a flexible industrial solution, and they work with companies around the world.

You wouldn’t think Basingstoke is the ideal place to run a manufacturing business, but Gary does it twice over, with a third down in Dorset. That says more about him and his tenacity than anything else, so I have a lot of respect for him and what he’s doing.

He’s also a thoroughly decent guy, nicknamed The Future Mayor Of Basingstoke (FMOB), but please don’t google the acronym.

It's fantastic to support the local community. The Pink Place does a lot for the area, as does The Blue Space.

I wish I was with you, but also secretly quite pleased that I'm going to enjoy it from the comfort of an armchair.

Other Updates

The fundraising is creeping up  and now stands at £6725, thanks to a lovely donation from my eldest daughter Millie (who also does web stuff and works alongside me on some marketing projects).

One of my other fantastic contacts, Mark Dolby, is also adding even more support (on top of his company sponsorship with Beaufort Financial) by sponsoring a quiz in Basingstoke on 28th March. You can find out more and buy tickets as of Monday 12th, on The Pink Place website.

beaufort quiz for The Pink Place

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