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Update – 13 Jan

Well, the weather is suddenly wintery. No surprise there – being January – but it has meant I’ve body-swerved the outdoors this last week or so. And, I have been hammering the gym to make up for it.

I wouldn’t call myself a gym person. I don’t really feel comfortable, and I don’t exactly look very sporty. So much so that I’ve just unloaded a rather large amount of money in Mike Ashley’s pocket, wondering why a shop called Sports Direct seems to attract the least sporty-looking people to work there. I’d fit right in, in that respect.

After a late Christmas do and a couple of birthday meals for my girlfriend this week (because one is never enough), it’s now back to the grindstone. Christmas weight has already gone (1.8kg) which is unheard of.

static bike ride training basingstoke

I’ve been five times this week and planning on getting more bike KMs done in the morning. Also getting on the weights machines to strengthen my top half, some swimming sauna and stretching.

As a result, I am already feeling more toned and in better shape. It’s just a shame there’s a full-length mirror in the changing rooms on the way to the shower to remind me that the way I feel and the way I look are about as reconciled as the Gallagher brothers.

But moving in the right direction.

Sports Massage

I also bit the bullet and had a sports massage with Maria at Physical Balance in Basingstoke. My legs are like rock and she took it gently, but they feel better than they have in years, combined with the specific stretches she gave me. Well worth the money.


Talking of money, I’m getting some donations from unlikely sources – and decent ones too. It’s very humbling.

Gee’d on by some friends, I’ve also upped my target to £12,000, which seems a way off from where I am now, but still doable. All I know is that in the context of the charity, any five-figure donation will make a huge difference.

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