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Ride Update – Jan 28

Well the gout has subsided, which meant I managed to start walking again without old man noises every other step. I can now fully focus these involuntary ooo’s and aaa’s for when I stand up from the sofa and get out of bed in the morning. 

To say I am relieved coincided with me tripping over some bear shit in the woods while waving to the passing Pope Francis wearing his “I’m A Groovy Catholic” Tee shirt on.

“Hong Kong Phewie”, 8-year old Craig is thinking.

With just 82 days to go to the Grand Depart I really could do without ten days of inactivity, coupled with a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself over a wine or two (and the subsequent crisps and chocolate).

But we’re back in the game, and I managed to get a proper ride in this week as the weather warmed up; covering 48km, it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting. To put that into context, my average day will be around 88km, which hopefully will be spent in warmer climes, with fewer potholes, puddles and pillocks driving too close as they overtake.

So just another 40km on top of that for a full day, except, yes, that’s 20 consecutive days with just one rest day. Gulp!

As we hit the end of January, I am fully aware that the 82 days will soon be zero, so I have started organising my kit. I’ve had the pannier bags for some time now, but I wanted to get an idea of what would actually fit in them.

I still have to work during my trip, so my computer kit has to come with me. It all fit in okay, although I did opt to leave the 32″ monitor and A3 printer at home.

Bike Laden for Benidorm

As you can see, the result is a very laden bike, complete with tent. I am adamant that I want to do some camping on the trip, despite campsites being thus far hard to find on Google, especially in the middle of Spain. I want my days to be flexible during the ride depending on how I feel, work load, and where I actually am at the time. It may be that a small town in northern central Spain will have a tent, sleeping bag and airbed in the local charity shop come early May.

Bearing in mind that the bike and frame are 17.75kg, the bags and their contents come in at 22kg on top of that. Add my svelt figure on top and I’m starting to respect my bike, Terence, even more. I’m sure he’d settle with some weight loss, but that’s currently going as well as it ever goes, not helped by the inactivity.

But, we’re back in the game now.

Talking of games, I have been kindly offered two tickets for the Six Nations Game on 10th February at Twickenham between England and Wales by one of my corporate sponsors (Rob at GSG).

🏉 Category A tickets worth £146 each (£292)

🗓️ 10th February 2024 

🏟️ Twickenham

The highest offer can have them, and the money will go straight to The Pink Place as part of my fundraising for Benidorm 24. Please email me with an offer if you are interested. I will keep this open until Midday on 1st February.

My training also faces another roadblock next weekend, with a long weekend away, which will undoubtedly be another healthy debacle. So, I have just one outdoor ride this week as we really ramp it up for February and March.

After all, as I keep telling myself: Don’t want to peak too soon.


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