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Training Ride Update

So, the sun is well and truly out this week, which means the bike is out and I’m training.
I ladened up with the front Panniers, as I’d never ridden with them and foolishly chose quite a hilly 25-mile route, with two good distance hills in, both with sharp endings (10% plus).

Here’s a little video I did as a reminder of why I’m doing the ride for The Pink Place, with more below.

When I watched the video back – shot on my latest gadget – Insta360 – I couldn’t help singing the children’s song, “Jelly On A Plate”. I also thought how fortuitous for two of my sponsors – Sugar CRM & GSG – to land right on my girth, with poor old Beaufort Financial and MiniTec catching the man-boob / tummy valley. Ripton Windows and Royce Communications have been lucky with little room for arm flab.

From a cycling perspective, I found this 25-mile ride hard with the extra weight on the bike, but it was a good test. I am also glad I’ve started this whole process now, as I am coming across problems with the touring bike and accessories, which I wouldn’t have factored in.

The first one is the pannier bags. The ones I chose – Altura Dryline Pannier Bags – look great. But, getting them to fit on the bike is another story as the bottom strut hits the lower horizontal bar on pannier rack. As for the front bags, they slip and slide all over the place. I can’t help thinking I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t find any documents to see. The key issue seems (looking at others) the bottom bracket is fixed vertically with now flex or twist facilities like others.

Secondly, I am working out what kit I need and accidentally bought a Halo headband. It’s got a rubber strip inside with makes any sweat stop over the eyeline – Best thing I have bought in ages and I highly recommend them.


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