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Route Sort’a Sorted

So, with less than eight months to go, a couple of updates. 

Firstly, having managed to get corporate sponsorship from a few amazing local companies, I wanted to get my shirts printed now so people can see them, we can do some PR and I can start wearing them. 

I also spent hours at the weekend organising my preliminary route, which took a surprisingly long time because of two things I’d not planned for:

  1. There aren’t many North to South crossings for a bike on the Pyrenees.
  2. There aren’t as many campsites in Europe as I was expecting, especially across the middle of Spain. 

My initial route worked out at 985 miles, with room for a day off, but also some days which were very short to fit around potential stops. 

Then I got to thinking how I’d love to go over the Col du Tourmalet again (I did it on a road bike in 2017). This created a long roundabout route which will now see me traverse a few cols in the Pyranees (days 11-13 look tough), but it also helps balance my ride up in terms of days, and lengths of ride.

This takes me up to 1,098 miles (1,757km). It also sees my overall elevation go up to 54,373 ft. As I know, all too well, planning a cycle ride on Strava, is very different when you hit that bit of road, so I am hoping I can be flexible along the way to cope.

Shit, is very much getting real.

Benidorm 24 Route

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