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Brooks Saddle Pain Sorted

More out of vanity than sensibility, I decided to get a Brooks saddle for my touring bike ready for the ride next year, allowing my bottom 12 months to get used to the saddle.

I’d read that you need to give it a few hundred miles before it becomes really comfortable and shapes itself to your individual behind.

So, saddle fitted and creamed, me bibbed-up and raring to go, I found the first month and a half agony, only managing to do around 20 miles before serious pain kicked in. I started counting down the miles until the saddle would be broken in.

But it didn’t get any better.

Then, one day, I had to pop to the shop and thought I’d just jump on my bike as I was. The revelation that the issue actually was padded cycling shorts. I’d not come across that when searching so thought I’d share. If you you have pain with a Brooks saddle and are wearing padded cycling shorts, try to wear just normal shorts.

I’m still not convinced this is the most comfortable saddle for me and my undercarriage, which I feel needs a saddle with a gap down the middle to allow my precious, but pressured, perineum to breath. But I’ll still with it for now.


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