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If I’m gonna cycle 1600km from Basingstoke to Benidorm with my kit, I knew I needed to get a new bike for the job.

For a couple of years now, I’ve fancied a Trek gravel bike for the challenge, having spent time chatting to a guy in my local cycle shop. But, having read Andrew Sykes great book – Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie – my thoughts about what makes the right bike for this kind of cycling challenge somewhat changed.

Although I could end up completing the ride with no issues, I also know that I need a bike that will be easy to fix along the way just in case. So, after a bit of research (what a rabbit hole that is) I opted for a Genesis Tour De Fer 20 from Bike Tart.

Genesis Tour De Fer 20 

I have to say,  the customer service was excellent and three days later a big box arrived. This obviously meant I had stop what I was doing to put the bike together – an easy enough job I thought.

Despite little to no instructions, the bike went together quite easily and it all looks very well made. The only issue I had was with the front pannier rack, which also takes the fixing for the mudguard.

My answer was to swear a lot and get angry. I googled, and I tried to find diagrams, all to no avail. My girlfriend, however, called them up. So, so rational! After a wee chat, they promised to email over some photos because they’ve had this problem a few times. This begs the question as to why Genesis don’t address this issue with a video, diagrams or a booklet. So, I added this section because hopefully it may help some other people.

How To Install The Front Pannier Rack On A Genesis Tour De Fer

So, the first thing that started to make sense having received the photos was that there was a box containing a whole bunch of bolts, washers and plastic spacers.

When you align the pannier over the front wheel you realise that it doesn’t fit flat but needs the spacers to sit on the frame.

Hopefully the close-up photos below will help you see which holes take the bolt (on the fork frame and the pannier frame) and how the pannier sits.

Is the Genesis Tour De Fer 20 any worth it?

I’ll let you know when the rain stops! One thing is for sure, I cant help thinking this is just the start of the spending and am already eyeing up pedals and a new saddle.

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