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Y Viva España

In September 2019, I had planned to cycle from Basingstoke to Benidorm – an approximately 1,000-mile across France and Spain on a touring bike. I had the ferry booked. Then work got in the way, and I had to cancel it.

You know what happened next, so let’s skip to the now.

I’m not getting any younger (and perhaps this is a mid-life crisis thing) so I feel like if I don’t start planning it now to do in the next couple of years, it’ll never happen.

About a month ago, I was fingering through my girlfriend’s bookshelf. She loves cycling and has a whole bookcase dedicated to it, which just so happens to be right next to the chair in the living room I commandeer when I visit her house.

Between books about Yellow Jersey winners and great climbers, I discovered Crossing Europe On A Bike Called Reggie. Written by a teacher just up the road from me in Reading, Andrew P. Sykes, it recounts a journey from Reading to the boot of Italy by a novice touring cyclist. It had me hooked from the off, and the read reminded me of a cycling man’s Bill Bryson.

Obviously, I looked him up, and he’s still at it – now following him on Twitter.


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