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Craig's Musings
This is me, observing stuff in everyday life and trying to make sense of it without being too much of an arse. Also contains my cycling 'exploits' but you can filter these via the menu.

Assuming Goodwill

I’m having a heavy existential internal dialogue at the moment as I prepare for my big cycle ride next April and assuming goodwill is part of the problem.

Roll On 19,000 Days

I turned 52 yesterday. I like an even number in my age, it sounds nicer. Besides, I’m currently beating my dad’s life record by two

Midlife Buffoonery

It’s happened. I’ve gone from kidding myself that I am still relatively young to being that middle-aged bloke who is somewhat of a buffoon.

Rooting Tooting Scooting

The car of the future is not the Tesla, but it is electric. The noble mobility scooter – fun for all the family.

What Did You Say There?

One of the shit things about turning 40 is that you start falling apart. But, here I am at fifty wishing my hearing would hurry up and deteriorate.

School Days… As A Dad

Between you and me, I’m not a massive fan of traditional education. I’ve met too many idiots with degrees in my life who can’t seem to apply what they’ve learned in the real world.