Alternative Business Networking

Posted on 8th September 2017

When you mention networking to most people in business, they tend to shudder. That's because networking can be very, very dull. But, there is another way.

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Life Goes On

Posted on 15th January 2017

Don't get me wrong, I was pretty gutted as I went to bed on Christmas Day to see that George Michael had died. But the ensuing narcissist social reaction got me thinking about and how to leverage customer interaction in 2017.

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Marketing & Sales vs. Purchasing Decisions

Posted on 13th December 2016

Many of the Sales Managers / Directors I meet wrongly expect marketing (especially digital) to be the be-all-and-end-all, delivering sales pretty much to order. And, many of the marketing people I chat to, don't seem to fully understand sales to be able to connect the dots. The result is that no-one seems to want to have the conversation about where to pull it back to and start a conversation about brand and succinct sales propositions. ...

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Modern Life Is (not) Rubbish

Posted on 24th May 2016

I'm kind of bored listening to people my age reminisce about the "good old days". There seems to be a raft of middled-aged people moaning about how their childhood was so much better than the children of today and that social media is killing (a) good manners, (b) social skills and (c) "old fashioned values". What a load of bollocks. Firstly, lets look at the irony that they're using social media to moan about... Social Media. The ...

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Sorry For Wasting Your Time Doctor

Posted on 10th February 2016

I am one of those men that doesn't go to the Doctor that much. I have heard about (and quickly searched for and scan read) articles that say it's to do with bravado - that we simply don't have the time to look weak, etc. etc. Me personally, I am always left feeling like I'm wasting their time. And I have had some corkers in my time including a vasectomy (my second after a reversal) where I had a clot that effectively gave me a third ...

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Bring On The Robots

Posted on 8th February 2016

I just went to Sainsbury's on my way home. Now here is a shop that we spend (as a family) around £7,000 a year with in food and petrol, during 3 or 4 visits a week. Today I was with my kids so I went to the self-serve checkout. Then, on the way out, I filled up my tank of petrol choosing to pay at the pump. It was great. I didn't have to interrupt two members of staff talking. No listening to them moaning about their shift or a ...

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Social Media Meltdown

Posted on 12th November 2015

I love social media. No, I hate it. No, I love it. No, I hate it. Shit, I'm kind of addicted. I get up in the morning, sleepily walk to the bathroom and fall onto the toilet with phone in hand. I check my email, then my Twitter, sometimes followed by Facebook. It's like their are two Cracks in action. One is a drug, making me feel I need to catch up with the world, the other is spouting out unnecessary waste content. To be ...

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Why Fone Angels Left Me Feeling Like A Bell-End

Posted on 1st October 2015

I don't usually take the time to review businesses  - good or bad - in great depth. But, I feel compelled to share my recent misfortune to come across a company that fixes iPhones and iPads called Fone Angels. I can only assume the Angels refers to the darker side of religion, mixing it up with Lucifer, because when I tend to think of an angel, they are a helpful, generous and magnanimous being, albeit fictitious. So, here goes. In ...

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Jumping Through Hoops To Make Sales

Posted on 25th June 2015

Do you ever get the feeling that it's becoming harder to do business? I'm not talking about sales... I'm actually talking about being the customer.

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Appetite For Banking

Posted on 17th June 2015
Hold The Phone Frank Butcher

It seems I have to jump through loads of hoops to see if a bank matrix indicates whether they have "the appetitive for lending" money to me.

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