Alternative Business Networking

Posted on 8th September 2017

When you mention networking to most people in business, they tend to shudder. Perhaps it’s picturing turning up at six in the morning at some cultish BNI-style event – usually run by a local person who has nothing better to do – meeting the same people each week, standing up doing a pitch or trying to work out the cliques between the designers and plumbers, who all lack basic social skills while trying to peddle their wares as if they’ve invented the market they work in.

Fuck that!

I went to an intimate business breakfast yesterday and although I met a couple of new people, I was actually there to see some familiar faces for a catch-up, not to mention the free breakfast.

Considering the people attending who I’d not met before, I was interested in the topics around the table, which included:

  • Come Dine With Me and serving squirrel as a starter.
  • What Dec would do without Ant
  • The acceptability of giving someone half a pigs head for a Secret Santa Gift, and should it be cooked or raw.

Call me old fashioned, but that’s my kind of conversation!

Following, that I am going to a networking session this afternoon, in a pub or two with some local business personalities. And I’m dedicated as it will probably go on into the evening.

But do I get work this way I hear you ask? 

The short answer is, who cares? It’s “personal brand building”. (I would say that wouldn’t I, I do marketing.)

The long answer is that I connect with like-minded people and end up with a client-base that is aligned with the real me and my offering.

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