Life Goes On

Posted on 15th January 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty gutted as I went to bed on Christmas Day to see that George Michael had died. Then I reminded myself of his enjoyment of substances over the past 20 years and the surprise dissipated.

I guess a more interesting point for me is whether the many people grieving online through social media channels are genuinely grieving, or grieving so that they can tell people they’re grieving and have something to talk about.

It opens rather a large can of worms in terms of social media, narcissism and our relationship with the true value of living. In fact, perhaps during 2016 we didn’t actually see a greater number of ‘celebrities’ leave us, we just talked about it a lot more… So we could talk about ourselves.

Social Breakdown

If you’ve ever chatted with me about social media you probably know my thoughts in terms of commercial application. It’s a complete waste of time for most businesses (unless you are looking for a customer service channel for people to shoot at). The main reason being – and let’s be brutally honest – most businesses aren’t actually that social.

Also, ‘customers’ across social media platforms don’t care a jot about you, it’s all about ME, ME, ME.

Thanks to platforms like Twitter and Facebook, people in all walks of life brag, share photos (with editing filters to make themselves look even shinier) and say what they want about anything they want.

This is is turning very complex situations into an X-Factor style match of nasty squabbling and one-upmanship… with very ‘interesting’ consequences.

Take Donald Trump and some of the things he has said, which of themselves are genuinely shocking (scarily so in fact). Or Brexit claims that were made by both sides that we’ve just let slide with apathy. Never mind, at least Honey G gives us someone to take the piss out of.

And this is my point – truth and lies are getting mixed with serious discussion and celebrity ‘news’ to the point where as an audience we simply can’t see right from wrong or fact from fiction.

That is… Unless it suits us.

So, what’s that got to do with marketing?

I’ve spoken before about companies on social media, trying to be something they aren’t – all for the sake of more followers or fans, whatever that means.

As I trawl through Linkedin Profiles, Twitter Feeds and Facebook Pages, not to mention websites, I still don’t see “real” very often and it does surprise me.

Most social profiles are tedious and the art of people skills is slowly disappearing. This video has an interesting take on it for younger people and well worth the 15 minutes it takes to watch.

So, what for 2017?

Well, no doubt more celebrities will die. We’ll be shocked and share an outpouring of grief, well at least until The Great British Bake Off starts on Channel 4 so we can moan about how great it was on the Beeb.

More companies will spout crap to social media putting in the least amount of effort and cost, expecting big things to happen.

Very few will take a look at their own brand proposition to make sure it still hits the spot and why should they when there are so many other factors we can blame on stuff not working?

Me, I’m going to play with my new Rewind brand to understand more about what I can say, what I should say and mix in some good old-fashioned targeted marketing and sales campaigns. I’m going to experiment… because that is what marketing is.

In some ways, I am lucky. I am a one-person business with no legacy to carry, small overheads and an understanding that what worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow.

I also like to think I’m quite flexible in approach, you have to be in this game. But then again, life is short and as we have seen during 2016… You gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith.

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  • Bob
    16th January 2017 (9:59 am)

    Very interesting Craig…especially as I am cold calling on one of those telephone things this morning.

    Owen Jones (lefty journalist) was on the TV yesterday saying that During the 2015 election campaign, Labour were useless on social media, basically preaching to the converted for ‘Likes’ and slaps on the back whilst the Cons embarked on a floating voter campaign, targeting Lib Dems and Centre Left Blairites…as we know the result was a Tory landslide.

    I have fallen into that trap in recent years, sticking to clients who allegedly like me. This results in familiarity breeding contempt to the point I feel abused…hence venturing out for new business with the aid of your wonderful new web design.

    It’s actually quite exciting speaking to people.

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