Marketing & Sales vs. Purchasing Decisions

Posted on 13th December 2016

Many of the Sales Managers / Directors I meet wrongly expect marketing (especially digital) to be the be-all-and-end-all, delivering sales pretty much to order. And, many of the marketing people I chat to, don’t seem to fully understand sales to be able to connect the dots.

The result is that no-one seems to want to have the conversation about where to pull it back to and start a conversation about brand and succinct sales propositions.

(Don’t even get me started on data management!)

I’m not entirely sure if that’s down to a lack of knowledge, ignorance, laziness, or the fact that the Emporer’s New Clothes are still for sale on the marketing front, even though much of what’s available has become commoditised.

These days any idiot can create a website, and far too many people are busy patting themselves on the back over the fact they have 250 Twitter followers or 100 visitors a day to their website.

But, do they truly understand where their business is really coming from, or, if their brand really hits the spot with prospective clients?

For any business that is brave enough to strip things back and ask the right questions to the right people to discover their true brand, there lies an opportunity.

Mix in the marketing fluff

There are two marketing phrases I really don’t get. The first one is when people describe themselves using words like Professional or Trustworthy. Really, would anyone ever profess to be otherwise?

The other one is when you ask someone what they do and they use a phrase like “We tailor our services to our Client’s Needs”. Um… Starter for ten… Are you a Plumber? A Precision Engineer? Prostitute?

If you can not get people to understand what it is you do quickly, you’re beige. But, learn to understand WHY they use you and what the benefits are for them (of using you), well then you have a way of creating sales propositions and an awesome brand to hang your hat on.

Take Insurance, Financial Services, Accountancy or Legal Services – they’re boring right! But, most of the best local people I know that I’d like to share a beer with are in those sectors.

And, here’s a little secret… The real fact of the matter is, their ability to lift a glass full of alcohol from the table to their mouth is their biggest selling asset to me and the reason why I refer them more than any other contacts. We meet, have good chat and very rarely talk about work.

But surely they have to be good right?

To be honest. it doesn’t matter how good a lawyer, accountant or financial whizz they are, I simply do not have the mental prowess or patience to clarify if they really are that good.

Yes, I can’t talk to you any more because clause 6.4.1 in that contract is really rather poor old chap.

I’m sure if something went wrong I’d understand pretty damn quickly, but it hasn’t, so I must be getting something right.

Wrap it up Craig

Before you decide to sell or market your brand (or a specific sales proposition) two quick questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you explain what you do clearly in one sentence to a seventy-year old?
  • Do you know the REAL reasons why people would USE / CHOOSE you?

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