Modern Life Is (not) Rubbish

Posted on 24th May 2016

I’m kind of bored listening to people my age reminisce about the “good old days”.

There seems to be a raft of middled-aged people moaning about how their childhood was so much better than the children of today and that social media is killing (a) good manners, (b) social skills and (c) “old fashioned values”.

What a load of bollocks.

Firstly, lets look at the irony that they’re using social media to moan about… Social Media.

The fact of the matter is, technology and the Internet is fucking amazing. It gives people the chance to interact with like-minded people without geography being a barrier. Geeks can be with Geeks, Young Gay people struggling to understand who they are can find others who’ve been through the same thing – easily and in a comfortable environment.

What’s more, it gets rid of the embarrassment that many 17-year old boys had in the 80s of having to nervously walk into a newsagent and walk out with yet ANOTHER Mars Bar because they bottled buying Razzle just as a woman walked in as they were reaching for the top shelf.

The forty somethings who think they “played out” from nine in the morning until Dusk seem to have forgotten that actually, they were probably spending the morning watching Why Don’t You or (later in the 80s) playing Daley Thompson’s Decathlon for hours on end.

Perhaps the only downside for young boys is that their access to porn is far too easy – they don’t have to work for it like we did in the good old days getting creative with the underwear section of the Grattons catalogue.

Irony number two. The middle-aged people whinging,  probably spend more time on social media than the youngsters they castigate posting about how they are “So Glad I Grew Up In The 80’s”.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Social Media is creating a problem with peoples self image, but it’s not confined to youngsters.

And, here’s a good example about context.

My wife had a shit day at work today. She doesn’t work in an office and gets constant messages from work, even when she’s picking the kids up from school and shopping. It’s life, and a business where one of the main methods of communication is WhatsApp.

So, when she’s in Sainsbury’s and a woman walked up to her today – as she was busy trying to reply to an urgent message – and said, “My child made me think recently when they told me that one day I will look up from my phone and notice that they’ve grown up” she quite rightly felt like telling her where to go (and she has the vocabulary to do so).

Technology is what it is.

People are what they are.

Perhaps technology is creating problems:

But, at the same time child mortality isn’t what is was in the 1800’s; cases of dysentery are also down; young people in differing societies around the world are growing up with a better sense of global community; and; teenage boys still lock their bedroom doors… As long as they have decent WiFi.

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