Sorry For Wasting Your Time Doctor

Posted on 10th February 2016

I am one of those men that doesn’t go to the Doctor that much. I have heard about (and quickly searched for and scan read) articles that say it’s to do with bravado – that we simply don’t have the time to look weak, etc. etc.

Me personally, I am always left feeling like I’m wasting their time.

And I have had some corkers in my time including a vasectomy (my second after a reversal) where I had a clot that effectively gave me a third blood-clotted, rock-solid testicle. Of course, having Googled it, I worried the shit out of myself that it was permanent and I would need to start buying tailored underpants.

Going to the Doctors about it three times didn’t help until the last visit where the Doctor  (three different ones in three different visits telling me three different things)  finally made me feel a bit better that it was sorting itself out.

But every time, without fail, I go, no matter what they say (which is usually no prescription, there’s nothing wrong with you, ride it out) I actually hear…

Why are you wasting my time you useless little pissant. Man-up, I’ve got a game of Golf to get to!

So, as a result, I have probably been to the GP about 3 times in the last ten years (discounting my three ball conundrum adventures).

Being 45 this year, overweight and doing a big cycle ride in July, I thought I’d have a health check. I started looking at private options and was chatting to a friend the other day who told me he’d had it on the NHS. He also started getting my brain whirring that yes, because I need more wees than I used to that I may have Prostate Cancer.

I found a government page that said just call your GP, so I did.

“No, we don’t do that. If you have a concern make an appointment.”

“Yes, sorry to waste your time AGAIN with my silly little desire to have a human MOT. I’ll leave you to the conversation you were still having with your colleague when you answered the phone”, I thought.

The National Health Service is a great institution, with some very dedicated staff within, and all that stuff…. I get it. They are underfunded, badly managed and are a political bouncy ball.

And, I try to be supportive of the NHS, but to be honest… I really fucking struggle.

4 Replies to "Sorry For Wasting Your Time Doctor"

  • Claire
    10th February 2016 (7:15 pm)

    Eric had a letter from his docs when he turned 45, asking him to go for a health check & ice had a letter since turning 40 x

    • Craig Killick
      10th February 2016 (7:16 pm)

      Shows offs 😀

  • ian
    10th February 2016 (8:14 pm)

    I’m the same, I always feel like Im wasting their time. The truth us that I hardly go to the doctors, so when I do I want a proper service. I find that engaging him in simple conversation about the NHS always animates him. For example “what do you think of these strikes?” or “where are the next generation of GPs coming from?”. Guaranteed to get him talking and maybe get a more ‘human’ experience. He realises I’m not your usual job-dodger looking for a sick-note. If only he knew the truth…

  • Nina Fisher
    11th February 2016 (6:46 am)

    Also have a hubby who will not go to the doctor resulting in a huge cyst on his neck which decided to explode in a McDonald’s queue on the way to a christening!! He does however on the other hand think anything I have will lead to my demise resulting in me having every test under the sun !
    He had to pay for his MOT though ?

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