Bring On The Robots

Posted on 8th February 2016

I just went to Sainsbury’s on my way home. Now here is a shop that we spend (as a family) around £7,000 a year with in food and petrol, during 3 or 4 visits a week.

Today I was with my kids so I went to the self-serve checkout. Then, on the way out, I filled up my tank of petrol choosing to pay at the pump.

It was great.

I didn’t have to interrupt two members of staff talking. No listening to them moaning about their shift or a colleague; no waiting while two younger workers shared details of their social life before I rudely intruded on their conversation wanting to be served.

I didn’t even have to stop a home shopper for help and wait for them to take off their headphones so they could tut and help me find a product.

One day – and in my lifetime – these jobs will not be there any more. The “people of the nation” will be up-in-arms that they are being replaced by machines; that it’s not fair.

On one hand I will have some sympathy – as long as it’s a very small hand about 5% in size to the other.

On the other [95%] hand, I will be enjoying the robotic customer service that will have more fucking manners than most shop staff can be bothered to give these days.

Middle age is well and truly here.

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