Why Fone Angels Left Me Feeling Like A Bell-End

Posted on 1st October 2015

I don’t usually take the time to review businesses  – good or bad – in great depth. But, I feel compelled to share my recent misfortune to come across a company that fixes iPhones and iPads called Fone Angels.

I can only assume the Angels refers to the darker side of religion, mixing it up with Lucifer, because when I tend to think of an angel, they are a helpful, generous and magnanimous being, albeit fictitious.

So, here goes. In August, my youngest daughter – bless her little heart – managed to crack the screen on our iPad Mini. As a seasoned web user of many years, I got to work on Google and found Fone Angels as a company that had a great offer running – almost half the price of everyone else at just £39.95 with free delivery to fix the iPad screen.

How can they do it that cheap, the angel on my shoulder thought. Because they will rip you off you gullible idiot, the devil on my other should replied.

But I ignored my usual cynical self, because I knew best and I HAD FOUND A BARGAIN. Also, a quick look at Trust Pilot gave them an average of around four stars.

So, on 18th August, I paid by Paypal, sent off my iPad and scoffed at my brother who had just used someone local who did it same day but charged £70…. what a fool he is!

On 21st August, I then got an ominous email from Fone Angels, telling me that having checked my iPad they had identified that it needed an ” iPad Home Button Flex Connector” which would cost another £44.99.

The Devil on my right hand shoulder soon spouted up… “See you silly twat, you think you know it all getting a too-good-to-be-true deal online, and here you are being taken for a fool. Ask for it back, ask for it back!!!”

The Fone Angel on my left shoulder reassured me. “Well come on Craig, it was cheap, and you need it fixed by a company that know what they are doing”.

Begrudgingly, I paid the extra taking me up to £84.94.

Having not heard anything back after sending my money I sent them an email on 25th August, asking them when I could expect my iPad back. No reply. I called them, pressed the number combinations that were required and got to a message that told me that I had to email with any questions.

By this time, I was beginning to spend time in front of the mirror, punching myself in the face, trying as hard as I could to knock the naive stupidity out of myself…. just a little something to while away the hours.

On 26th, I finally got an answer…

Fone Angels Customer Service

Easy Tiger, No need to get defensive.

I refrained from correcting Chloe’s spelling, she’s just doing her job and probably (I was starting to get suspicious now) had to deal with hundreds of these kinds of emails every day. I replied…

Fone Angels Reviews

Then I received an automated email on 27th August…

Fone Angels Review Email

Okay, 7 to 10 days, I can live with that. This was followed by a reply from Chloe stating…

Fone Angels Customer Service

Okay, my friend. Sorry for having concerns!

Play it cool Craig, play it cool. Chloe’s just doing her job.

My head started whirring, I had sent the iPad away on 18th August, it’s now 27th – That’s 9 days,  so it’ll only be one more day.

No reply.

I was busy at work and resigned myself to the fact that I would simply have to wait… and wait… Until 2nd September, when I sent another email:

Fone Angels Terrible Customer Experience

Chloe replied the next day:

Fone Angels ongoing customer service issuers

I wrote an angry email. My devil said send, send send… My Angel held me back. Play it cool Craig, play it cool… I deleted it then created another on the same day.

Long wait from Fone Angels

My charm paid off. Chloe emailed me back the same day…

Fone Angels complaints

By now, I just wanted the thing back, I didn’t want to antagonise Fone Angels, and we were just one week away. That would have made the whole terrible experience of fixing my iPad only around three and a half weeks.

Six days later… I still had not heard anything. I sent another email:

Fone Angels Emails

The next day, Chloe broke the news…

Fone Angels customer emails

Ah, could happen to anyone! Except it’s happened to you, nearly four weeks into your 7-10 day turn around. Enough was enough. I asked for a refund and for them to send the iPad back.

To be fair to Fone Angels – I got it back within two days. Now for the fun bit, trying to get a refund.

To cut a long story short, it took me another 15 days to get my payment back from Fone Angels. But it wasn’t the correct amount. It was short by £14.99. I grabbed the money they offered me – No Ts & Cs to read – even though they sent it back to a different email address to the one I used to pay through PayPal, which caused me to spend time to amend my Paypal account.

I then asked where the difference was…

Another Fone Angels Complaint

The reply….

Fone Angels Email Reply


Every business has one of those customers or one of those jobs that doesn’t go right – I get that. But it would seem I am not alone… Read the comments on Twitter for Fone Angels #foneangels.

Now I am not suggesting they need investigating by Watchdog or similar as some suggest, but it also makes a mockery of their Trust Pilot Reviews – and Trust Pilot as a review engine.

Not to mention these disgruntled complaints about Fone Angels.

At the end of the day, I feel a bit of a twat. I feel like I’ve been scammed. That’s not nice, especially as I have an ego the size of a small Caribbean island.

I have no idea why Fone Angels do what they do the way they do it, or continue to trade in the way they do.

I just wanted to share my story in the hope that one (or many) people will find it and it will help them avoid a similar misfortune.

In the end, I got my iPad back and had it fixed locally in less than 3 days by the Fix It Fairy for £70.

My brother doesn’t need to mention what a twat I am… I already know.

149 Replies to "Why Fone Angels Left Me Feeling Like A Bell-End"

  • Andy Pickering
    10th October 2015 (12:41 pm)

    I fell foul of the trust pilot reviews myself. Twitter should have been my first stop! My review (if it’s still there!) : https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.foneangels.co.uk/5618e4d20000ff00090fbd4c

    • ALEX
      7th February 2016 (5:53 am)

      I sent my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to have a new screen replaced – cost just under £200 in December. I was told the repair would take approximately 10 days.

      I immediately got an email back saying that there ‘may be’ a problem with the cable plug and that they wished to repair it for an additional £45.

      Since I had by then read other reviews relating to Foneangel, I know that they tended to do this a lot (accept an original order and then ask for further funds to repair ‘a problem’ or ‘potential problem’) so I refused.

      I then received another email repeating the demand for additional monies but reducing the price to £39. Again, I refused, and asked them simply to do the repair that I had specified and paid for.

      I then heard nothing for two weeks.

      I emailed, and received a reply stating that it would be ready in ’10-15′ days.

      I emailed again on the 20th and received an email stating that there was a delay in my order and that the repairs would take an addition ’10-15′ days. I was offered a small discount.

      All right, today is the 7th Feb. For the last four days I have been sending Foneangels requests for information relating to my product – and received no replies except automated boilerplate from their ‘donotreplyto’ address.

      I am extremely angry and disappointed, and will take action in the small claims court if this matter is not attended to quickly.

    • Rajae
      19th July 2016 (2:30 pm)

      (edited by site owner)… Same story happened to me, the only difference they sent my iPad back without front glass screen,and kept the money. It went straight in the bin as it wasn’t functioning anymore. I even got the same responses but just a different name frankie was his name.

      That’s his final email, non-refund was given and he never told me my iPad will come back with no screen. Why did I pay for new screen? Expensive experience but never again. I feel heart broken but I had to bin and forget about this nightmare and go on holiday without my iPad that I had been waiting for its repair 4 weeks. I wish they get punished so soon.

      • Rajae
        19th July 2016 (2:31 pm)


        When removing the original glass it is very likely the glass will break and we will not be able to refit the device. As we was unable to repair the device and carried out a refund to you the glass was not fitted. I apologise if this was not made clear to yourself.

        Kind Regards,

        Frankie Smith
        Customer Service

    • Simon
      30th September 2016 (11:51 am)

      Hello, yet another victim here. They had my ipad for about 3 months, tried to upsell me twice for various issues and kept changing the price to see if I would bite. After trying to phone them (their numbers are fake) and emailing them every single day for weeks and weeks I then contacted trading standards and referred to this and various other threats in another email to them. Eventually they replied and said it was being fixed, then another two weeks of pestering them to see if they had sent it out. eventually I got my ipad back fixed. the screen is something off brand not quite as good and the home button is a bit unresponsive now but it works and I am glad to have it back. But they are shockingly awful and should be shut down. please avoid at all costs.

    • Mark Coady
      24th August 2017 (9:52 am)

      Do not use this company, spend more and go else where. They happily took my money 1 month ago, had to remind them to send the postage pack out in the mail. Have had phone for 3 weeks, no one replies to mail and customer service line is just a voice mail service. I’m concerned they’ve closed down and this is might be a scam. Buyer beware.

  • Andy Pickering
    10th October 2015 (1:10 pm)

    Well, my review of Fone Angels was removed after just less than 2 hours! Luckily I copied the text of it: https://pro9ram.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/fone-angels-dont-like-bad-reviews/

  • Andy Pickering
    12th October 2015 (9:36 am)

    Sorry Craig – one last one! Trustpilot are denying that customers can take down their own reviews. (They can however ‘flag’ them for non-compliance).


  • RattyCube
    12th October 2015 (10:30 am)

    I encourage all to report them to trading standards and the ASA. i have fallen for their rubbish and am still waiting.

    the ASA because they claim a fast turnaround time. and that they are manipulating the reviews on their website, its false advertising, mis-selling their products leading people into a false sense of security.

    • Alison Wardle
      18th October 2015 (5:53 pm)

      I’m in the middle of a similar experience with phone angels. I’ve been dissecting the good reviews on trust pilot and I honestly believe they are fake. I’ m not sure how they are doing this but there is no way that there are that many five star reviews each day. No way. My bad review has been taken down twice now. The first time I called them con men which was a non compliance. I removed those words and it got passed, only to be taken down again for not being a customer of theirs. I am! I wish I wasn’t!

      • Tracy
        30th October 2015 (6:53 pm)

        I am currently stuck in the middle of this nightmare. I sent my ipad away on the 2nd october for a cracked screen repair and got the same faulty iPad Home Button Flex Connector msg form them. when i said i didnt want this repair i was badgered for a week about the button and offered reduced prices. in the end i thought if i didnt pay this could go on for weeks. as it happened i wish i hadnt paid as here I am 4weeks down the line still without my ipad and reply emails with excuses about them being busy etc. I have just send a very angry email demanding the return of my ipad fixed or unfixed with a refund by the end of the week or i will be considering my ipad stolen and contacting the police. these guys offer a very shoddy sevice. i am fuming and ipad less!!

      • Rob
        18th May 2017 (10:26 am)

        Alison, did you know they now have a so called sister company called iswapmobiles.co.uk ? Another way to take innocent peoples money! we all need to spread the word

  • Martin
    4th November 2015 (1:58 pm)

    I’m having exactly the same issue, ipad cracked screen sent 27th Sept, had the email regarding flex connector and charging dock being faulty (i knew they weren’t), In correspondence with “Chloe Stokes” so has lied to me for three weeks saying it will be sent out “next week”, it never has! I’m so frustrated!

  • Sandy
    5th November 2015 (10:59 am)

    I could have written this myself. It’s the same old story. They are mugging people off and Trustpilot assists them by allowing the reviews to be flagged because most people don’t forward the necessary proof to Trustpilot.
    I did and the best FoneAngels could do was comment that they were checking the validity of my review. That was two weeks ago. My review is still there which I take as an acceptance by FoneAngels that what I wrote is totally correct (and negative). This company must be avoided. If we speak up we will be heard and others can Avoid this dreadful company.

    • Marcia leach
      12th December 2015 (12:55 pm)

      Omg I am currently dealing with this company.. My Samsung had a cracked screen would cost £40 to put it right…then had email from them it was more serious and needed another£80 which I paid in full via PayPal…. 7 weeks later it still hadn’t been fixed.. After Every lie and excuse used and 15 emails later I demanded it back… Another 7 days I recieved it with an email saying I would be refunded n 10 days….we are now on day 15 & still no refund… 3 ignored emails later still no further forward… Time to involve watchdog now! I will get my money back but God knows how long it will take….2 customer services phone numbers which are automated so that’s useless…all reviews to this company are [seemingly] fake… If you’re thinking of using fone Angels DON’T… They are full of lies and broken promises….please avoid them at all costs. If this message saves anyone else the trauma Ive experienced with them at least my worry has saved someone else’s.

  • Martin
    5th November 2015 (11:06 am)

    So i rang Citizens advice yesterday who advised me to send them an email stating the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, and that a reasonable time has not been met. Had an email of Chloe Stokes this morning who has told me my device is being sent back unrepaired and they are refunding me. They will no doubt take £15 off for postage and my ipad will no doubt be sent back in worse condition than when it was sent. I urge you all to get in touch with your local Trading Standards office and get this company shut down for trading illegally.


  • Martin
    7th November 2015 (10:50 am)

    Another update for those having trouble with this terrible company, Referring to my previous email, my ipad was actually sent back repaired, so if you’re having problems, mention trading standards, give them a deadline and you might just get somewhere. I Hope this helps others.


    • a winnibago
      10th November 2015 (7:50 am)

      Problems with FoneAngels? Use the info from Companies House and write a nice letter direct to the MD asking when you are going to have your device back !
      Or better still, if you live in the area why not pop around for a cuppa 🙂 ?

      BENNETT, Timothy John

      Correspondence address respectfully removed by request of Tim Bennett.

  • Katheryn Johnson
    22nd November 2015 (3:35 pm)

    I am having exactly the same problems with foneangels they have had my iPad since the beg of October ive had the emails saying additional work needs doing. I’ve now asked them 3 times to just send the iPad back and they have said they would. Then another email stating the iPad would be repaired by the 16th November and still I cannot get it back. This is now theft in my eyes and I will be on the phone to trading standards tomorrow morning.

  • Petro Bolah
    1st December 2015 (1:48 pm)

    i’m having the same problem with them with a cracked screen on an iphone 6. They’ve had it for SIX WEEKS and keep giving me excuses. You cna never speak to them on the phone either. Ive asked for it back and silence..

  • Lloyd Turner
    2nd December 2015 (3:19 pm)

    Absolutely useless no device 8 weeks later POLICE

    • Andy Thomson
      8th December 2015 (10:17 pm)

      Exactly the same here ! They have had our ipad now for 5 weeks promised it would be back ! Still not here ! Bloody awful ! We must stop this terrible service !
      Name and shame ! This is theft ! And they are liars !!!!

  • Antony Goodall
    14th December 2015 (3:41 pm)

    Exactly the same here, waiting weeks, mine also needed the little extra button.

  • Antony Goodall
    14th December 2015 (3:42 pm)

    Shall we all take them to the small claims court, then they will have to pay all the costs when the judge finds them guilty?

  • Tony Factor
    15th December 2015 (1:11 pm)

    Do not go near these people!

    All I want from these people is the return of the £135.00 I paid for a repair to an iPad which was never completed and returned to me in pieces. As I eventually lost patience with them, I wrote to the owner of the business with the suggestion that unless I got my refund I would post his details and home address on some or all of the numerous forums critical of their service so that their many unhappy clients can get in touch with him directly. They emailed me a day or so ago to threaten me with their solicitors if I posted this “confidential” information. That is quite a threat given that the information is in the public domain – from a company search that I carried out. Also, I don’t scare that easily. So the owner and director of the business, together with his home address is:

    (( removed by website owner but the rest of the post is left in to reiterate people’s anger ))

    I’m sure upset clients could pop round for a cup of coffee!

    I’m an honourable man and will take down these details when I get my refund. I’m not looking for compensation, I’m not looking for damages. I just want a refund. Is that too much to ask?

    The Police will be my next port of call.

  • Ron
    17th December 2015 (1:22 pm)

    OMG, I’ve got got my daughters iPad mini back after 6 weeks, it went in with a broken screen, they then advised me to also replace the charging port due to wear, which cost an additional £36.99 which was reduced from £44.99. It not working correctly! Do I send it back or live with it? I feel like a right plum having been ripped off!

  • Alan Sheppard
    17th December 2015 (8:28 pm)

    Well Craig if you think that’s bad try this……..in short format.

    iPad collected on the 11th August 2015, contacted Fonedevils on the 15th…who replied on the 19th to advise me they had not received the iPad.

    Sent tracking number etc only to be told that they were investigating with the courier company.

    Chloe replied once after 2 weeks saying she would take this up.

    Raj, obviously a minion, kept some form of contact till mid November, then silence.

    To this date December 17th I have not received any money back let alone information on my iPad.
    I too have the word twat ringing loud in my ears as I have now been posted out of the UK on contract work just to add to the frustration.
    Being in the IT industry I have been holding back on a full ‘bad review attack’ on every site I can find.

    Working on how to report this to the police/watchdogs!


  • Tony Factor
    5th January 2016 (9:47 am)

    Just to update everyone, I got a full refund yesterday on the condition that any postings I had made referring to the owners name & address were removed – which I’ve done. Fighting from the gutter doesn’t really make me a better person than them, but it did result in me getting a refund without resorting to the courts. Happy New Year!

  • Sara Cameron
    6th January 2016 (9:42 am)

    Im in the same situation on the 13 nov sent my ipad mini off for repair…was checked over and apparently needed extra repairs…i paid…fone angels informed me they would return my ipad on 16 dec possibly before…well into the new year im still waiting. No reply to emails and the phone is a joke…they NEVER answer. I feel like a right fool. I have told them im going to take the matter further if i dont get my ipad returned and a full refund paid…but to no avay no answer from them. Any suggestions what i should do!!

  • Anna
    11th January 2016 (9:14 pm)

    I too have been played by the ‘oh, we recommend you have this additional piece of work completed’ to then have radio silence. This company is a joke! Their communication is poor/next to none, a total con! I’ve written to Watch Dog, in the hope these jokers will be investigated. If everyone took 5 minutes to write in, we may see Mr Bennett taken down!

  • Shirl
    30th January 2016 (1:07 pm)

    (Had to Edit this one down slightly…)

    Foneangels have [taken] my refund. After 3 months to repair a cracked screen. Endless bull, as to what was causing a delay. I asked for it to be returned. Eventually I got it back. Whoever my refund which I was told would be refunded, has never been.

    There good reviews [must be] Fake. The Facebook page removed, after endless customers complaints. Emails unanswered. Voice messages ignored.

    Do not use this company. I am trying to get trading standards to close them down. The website is [deleted]

  • Anonymous
    2nd February 2016 (11:14 am)

    Haha. So similar to my own story. I won’t bore you with the details, as it’s a carbon copy of your problem, although I went as far as issuing a county court claim before I got mine back. I just thought my final letter to them would give you something to laugh about:-

    2nd February 2016
    Dear Idiots,
    Thankyou for finally returning my phone after 7 weeks. I did note that the proximity sensor, which you tried to charge me additional repair for is fine, as expected.
    I have withdrawn my county court claim, as promised (enclosed).
    I genuinely wish you the worst of luck in the future and will be watching your company’s progress, so that I can have a toast and a chuckle when you finally get shut down. This won’t be too long hopefully. The world will be a better place without you here, ripping everyone off.

  • Joe
    4th February 2016 (11:25 am)

    Also had terrible issues with Foneangels.

    Absolutely shocking service received.

    Foneangels were originally very quick to upsell me to another service that I didn’t request, however I went along with it based on their recommendation.

    I sent them my iPad 3 to be repaired near the start of December 2015. At the time of writing (04/02/16) I’ve still not received my repaired device back. The company are constantly slow to respond and when they do so, their response is most often unsatisfactory.

    I’ve asked for my complaints to be escalated on numerous occasions, with these requests simply ignored.

    They have agreed to process a partial refund for my order and advised that it would take up to 10 working days to appear in my account. 11 days later – still no refund in my account.

    I’m afraid to say that the team seem completely incompetent.

    I’ve given them ample opportunity to resolve the disputes in a fair and timely manner, however they haven’t been able to do so which has unfortunately led to me leaving this negative review.

    Certainly wouldn’t use them again, and definitely wouldn’t recommend them to anyone!


  • Dominic Brooks
    8th February 2016 (4:13 pm)

    In the same situation, trying to get device and refund back since beginning of January.

    I believe Tim Bennett’s address is still (removed)

  • Jane Martin
    10th February 2016 (7:05 pm)

    Oh god these are all carbon copies of my experience. Like you all I fell for the home button needing changed as well as a cracked screen, so sent the extra £44.99 that was early November and I’m still waiting. I have contacted trading standards and followed what they said. But now I’m really tempted to contact This Morning and talk to Alice Beer there consumer journalist as she’s really on the ball. I’m so sick of getting NO WHERE with them. It would have been cheaper to just buy a reconditioned one…fuming ??

  • Damian
    19th February 2016 (12:21 pm)

    I placed an order last November with Fone Devils and have only just got my ipad back last week, UNREPAIRED and in a worst condition than it left. I recently placed an order with https://www.therepairgeeks.co.uk/ and they came out and repaired it at my house next day. Do not trust Fone Devils, they have recently deleted all their social media accounts so be warned

  • Sarah Disley
    23rd February 2016 (7:50 pm)

    Oh no, I’ve just found these reviews because I sent my daughters iPad to them ???

    • Craig Killick
      23rd February 2016 (8:24 pm)

      If you have only just sent it, within a day or two they will no doubt call you to tell you something else is broken. I’d say (at that point) that you don’t want it done and to return it. Also ask for a refund, although I think they may keep £15. Better to have the device back than go through the pain of not seeing it for a couple of months.

      • Sarah Disley
        24th February 2016 (9:34 am)

        Yep, I’ve had that email and luckily I said no to it twice they’ve now had it for two weeks. I had an email yesterday to say parts allocated it would now take 10 to 15 days unless I pay £19.99 for express service….
        Thanks to finding this page (wish I’d done better research earlier??) I’m going to email them mentioning trading standards. And a possible call to money box on radio 4
        I’ll update when I know more.

      • Rob
        18th May 2017 (10:28 am)

        Hi Craig, thanks for making this site, wish i saw it sooner, did you know they now have a so called sister company called iswapmobiles.co.uk ? Another way to take innocent peoples money! we all need to spread the word

  • Colin Hall
    23rd February 2016 (9:17 pm)

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this before I sent them my Galaxy S5 for repair a month ago. I smelled a rat when they immediately informed the LCD would have to be replaced at a cost of £90 and I stupidly agreed to it and paid for it on PayPal. Now I am trying to get my phone back and a refund. I am now contacting PayPal and will try to get something done from that side of things. And I thought I didn’t fall for scams!

    • Craig Killick
      23rd February 2016 (9:33 pm)

      Hope you get some joy Colin.

      • Colin Hall
        2nd March 2016 (8:25 pm)

        Thanks Craig, and here’s the update. I finally decided that enough was enough (every time I emailed them I was given another excuse, and although I had asked them a couple of weeks ago and several times since to return the phone, they wrote this morning to say the repair would take another 2-3 weeks [!] and asked if I wanted the phone returned unrepaired), so I logged on to PayPal and started their dispute process, bypassing the “discuss it with the supplier” option. Amazingly enough, the full refund of £129.99 appeared on my PayPal account within a couple of hours, together with a promise to return my phone unrepaired. I am now waiting for the phone to be returned but at least have my initial payment back. If they ask for P&P to cover the cost of returning it, I’ll be glad to pay it. Thanks again for this page on your blog, Craig. Pity more people don’t see it before they fall for Fone Angels’ sales pitch. I would say I am super careful and the last person who would fall for a scam. This has taught me a serious lesson that I am capable of being as gullible as the next person!

  • Robyn
    1st March 2016 (9:19 pm)

    Why didn’t I google fone angels review BEFORE sending off my iPad mini?? 6 weeks after sending it in, still no iPad, after being told over a month ago that it was fixed and would be dispatched within two days. I hate feeling like an idiot. Time to mention trading standards as well I suppose…although I’ve already mentioned the police and that hasn’t elicited a response… How can a company be allowed to keep operating like this??

    • Colin Hall
      8th March 2016 (10:06 am)

      Good luck, Robyn, I hope you succeed in getting your iPad. It is suggested that people first contact Citizens Advice, who will assess the complaint and pass it on to Trading Standards if they think it’s valid. I’ve just done that, and informed Fone Angels by email of this step. It looks as if several people have already complained about this outfit, and nothing has been done. It is becoming clear that we now live in a society where crooks can operate freely with impunity.

  • John Kerr
    6th March 2016 (8:05 pm)

    I sent off two iPads in good condition and in their original box to trade in for cash. How difficult can this be? They have acknowledged receipt of my iPads ehich was just as well since they were Royal Mail tracked. Over one month later all I get are apologies and promises to look into the matter. I have asked for the return of my property. So far I am being ignored. Do not use this company.

  • Chris Sadler
    8th March 2016 (6:22 pm)

    Another fool I suppose. Just read all the above for the first time and feel sick to my stomach. Its the kids Ipad, and they are gutted that its taken over 6 weeks to repair. Yes of course we got the same request for £45 extra to repair the unit completely as volume switch was defective. Worked fine when sent it off but we still paid it. Will def look at Citizens advice complaint if no I pad sitting at home when get in. Thanks all for advice.

  • Colin Hall
    12th March 2016 (11:56 am)

    Just to let everyone know that persistence pays off with this lot (plus getting in touch with Trading Standards). My phone arrived yesterday in the same condition as I had sent it to them. In other words, there is no way they could have known that the LCD had to be replaced as well, as I suspected. And they didn’t charge me P&P BTW – I must have been lucky. So, full refund, phone back, 2 months with my old phone while the new one was away, and lesson learned. But why is this outfit still allowed to operate, when so many people have complained about them to Trading Standards? Thanks again for the site, Craig. When fighting against this kind of scam, it helps to know you are not on your own.

  • Paddy
    20th March 2016 (3:49 pm)

    Like so many I wished I’d seen this before I sent off my ipad. Several weeks and noting to show for it….first one payment then the demand for a second due to the same problem noted above about the button. Not a word from them. This [feels like] a scam.


  • Mark Doran
    20th March 2016 (7:06 pm)

    Unlike the majority of complainants on here, I did actually manage to get my daughter’s iPhone 6 screen repaired and returned to me though not in the timely manner I’d hoped.

    Like so many of you we did have to pay for more work than originally intended – a new headphone socket in our case, and also like so many of you weren’t able to enjoy the express delivery experience either as they didn’t have the replacement screens in stock. After being informed that we’d have to wait for the stock to come in I was told by Customer Services Manager Frankie that I’d be getting my £19.95 Express Service refund back.

    3 months later I am still waiting.

    I’ve since had 4 email responses from Frankie following up my “where’s my refund?” emails:
    • On 13th Jan it was that I’d be paid “in 10 working days”.
    • On 8th Feb it was “next few days”.
    • On 25th Feb it was “4 days”.
    • The last email on 11th March simply said “I’m on the case for you”.

    What to do then? I’ve emailed Citizens Advice and they’ve passed my complaint onto Trading Standards. Tim Bennett the owner was copied in on my last 2 emails to Frankie but he hasn’t responded so far.

    I’ll be down in Hertfordshire next month so have decided to pop around to Tim’s, maybe for a cup of tea and hopefully to see if he’s a spare £20 in his wallet for my refund. His address if anyone else is interested is on here – http://www.checkcompany.co.uk/director/3501507/MR-TIMOTHY-JOHN-BENNETT

  • Natalie
    22nd March 2016 (1:24 pm)

    Had our iPad since 14 Feb have taken two payments from bank account, no reply to emails and no iPad, have just contacted trading standards why on earth aren’t this lot shut down!

  • Terry
    23rd March 2016 (8:40 am)

    Similar problems with Foneangels, they’ve had my sons phone for three months now. Having failed several times to repair it by their own deadline I opted to abandon the repair and get my money back. I’m still chasing for both the phone and my money – effectively they’ve stolen both. They seem to have a standard practice of always suggesting that the device you send them needs additional repairs to the one you requested – this is clearly a con.

  • David
    23rd March 2016 (2:13 pm)

    My story is the same as everyone else but I have initiated and intend seeing through a Small Claims County Court claim. They offered a defence that is fortunately disproved by their own email correspondence so we are moving on to the hearing stage. I’d be interested to know of anyone else experience of taking them to court.

  • willians xavier
    29th March 2016 (3:53 pm)

    the same story….same ipad mini…..the same faulty screen…and of course the same home bottom faulty….
    First I spoke to bureau advice and they send to
    Ombudsman to make a complain….then the ombudsman could do anything …send me to
    oxford trading standards….they also could do anything because of the government cuts(short of staff)….and send again to bureau advice…..so.
    what should we all do now?

    by the way I like to read your blog mr craig’s.

    • willians xavier
      29th March 2016 (3:55 pm)

      sorry…read could not do anything.

  • Paul
    29th March 2016 (5:21 pm)

    Same story here unfortunately. I’m going down to their offices tomorrow to collect my device (Hopefully they still have offices as advertised – but I’m not certain). I can’t see it being repaired and will be onto Trading Standards after tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Paul
      30th March 2016 (5:34 pm)

      OK, so good news at least that they are still in the Regus building in Rickmansworth although when I turned up I was told there were no visitor spaces for Fone Angels (a nice lady saw me being turned away and let me into what was a barely half full carpark). I also got my broken IPad back so that at least makes me feel somewhat better. I’ve also found a place in Wellingborough called AppleSparks. They seem to think it will take between 4 and 5 hours to fix so I’ve dropped it round to them and will hopefully pick it up at the weekend. Very reasonable price from them as well so I will try and remember to post again if all goes as well with them as I am expecting.
      So just the money back from Fone Angels now.. bets on how long that will take anyone?

      • Paul
        2nd April 2016 (2:51 pm)

        As promised an update on how well things went with AppleSparks. They phoned me Friday to say it was repaired and I picked it up today. If you are within driving distance of Wellingborough then I can very much recommend them. Interestingly they have a sister company called IPhoneAngels. I’m told that as well as FoneAngels having a very similar sounding name it had looked like FoneAngels based their initial logo’s to look like IPhoneAngels. I can’t confirm how true that is but I’ll be glad when I’m done with FoneAngels.

    • Paul
      30th March 2016 (8:11 pm)

      Wow, and my negative review has been on Trustpilot for 4 minutes before being pulled for review! I wonder if that’s a record.

      • Matt
        25th May 2016 (9:37 pm)

        Mine was reported and taken down by them in 30 secs – Write a Google Review they can’t delete them

  • Andrew Hughes
    14th April 2016 (8:20 am)

    Tried to push for unneeded repairs and takes 4 weeks to come back unless you pay a premium, it doesn’t tell you when you order and purchase the repair that you need to pay a additional £20 if you want it back within 4 weeks, they also kept telling me my button ribbon was damaged when it wasn’t and wanted to charge a additional £50 which then came down to £44 and then £36, after which time they said they won’t be allocating parts to the repair for 4 weeks unless I pay £20. Then offer me that I can have it back but they are retaining £14.99, I posted best postage with the post office, and it cost me £8 [edited], avoid like the plague.

  • Andrew Hughes
    14th April 2016 (8:21 am)

    pulled my review on trust pilot as well {edited}

  • James best
    15th April 2016 (5:14 pm)

    Just got my phone back today 15th April which they have had since 24th feb saying that it needed a new flew cable which was an extra £46.99 on top of the £79 screen replacement same story stock issues after weeks of complaining went through PayPal got a full refund as I started up a dispute but still took over a week to return my phone which by the way hadn’t been touched so am wondering how they knew it needed an additional repair. The emails off the same person were comical one saying your device is due for repair this week and the same person offered me a 20% discount as they were still waiting for parts and not expecting them in for another week. Still have copies of all these emails too. Steer well clear of this company [edited]. Just looked on trust pilot and it seems all the bad comments they have had fone Angels have had them taken down how is this allowed to happen.

  • Cathy
    16th April 2016 (9:44 am)

    [some edits made by blog owner]

    I also fell foul of this company, believing them [edited]. I have used public domain info and found that its liabilities [seem] greater than his assets. Mr Anthony John Barrett is the director and according to company check there are no employees. I am reporting him to the Trading standards [edited] team, complaining to PayPal and will bombard him with emails, ‘cos you can’t contact him by phone. I would also consider reporting him to the police as going by all these complaints, [it would seem] he must have loads of iPads iPhones etc sitting in his workshop.

  • Hazel Richardson
    16th April 2016 (10:37 am)

    Used foneangels to get my daughters iPad sorted..£53.99..bargain, then they discovered a problem with on/off switch (worked fine when it left our home) another £44.99. (Not so much of a bargain now) 2 1/2 months later still no iPad, after several emails back/forward ended up contacting Trading Standards & PayPal. Surprise 3 days later IPad returned sorted but with no years guarantee (not that I would ever send it back) or any other paperwork. DO NOT ever use this company, i don’t know how the people who run this company get away with this!!!!

  • Cathy
    17th April 2016 (11:49 am)

    Further to my last message, director is TIMOTHY John Bennett. My apologies to anyone called Anthony Bennett.
    Trading Standards have an escammers team and complaints can be raised on 03454 040 506

    • Ganesh
      17th April 2016 (1:09 pm)

      Like everyone, I had the misfortune of coming across with Fone angels. I paid £70 for IPAD Mini and Samsung S5 initially discounted price. But they found some faults on both equipments and demanded further money. I tried to Pay but I do not have paypal account and my master card payment was not accepted this time. They keep asking me further payment for 2 months. Finally, I managed to find out about their review on twitter. i demanded my equipments back without any repair. No reply for 2 weeks. I drove down to their office 45 mins drive and demanded my equipment. Technician Daniel was very polite sofly spoken person. He returned my equipment and apologized . I am relieved that I got my eqipment, took down to local repair centre and reapaired in 2 hours. As for refund I do not have hope as I did not have a paypal account and mastercard only deals more than £100.

  • Doug Sneddon
    17th April 2016 (1:48 pm)

    Thank you all for the warnings ,I was about to send my sons iPad to fone angels for repair .ayou have probably save me a lot of pain and heart ache thanks again

    • Craig Killick
      17th April 2016 (5:17 pm)

      Very glad that someone was saved the pain after this Blog post and the comments!

  • linda mckay
    18th April 2016 (1:07 pm)

    Wish I had seen this a couple of weeks back!!! I did look at reviews and they all seemed really good before I sent my son’s ipad to them. Only sent it last week and hoped to have it back in time for going on holiday in May but looks like that will be a miracle going by everyone else’s experience. I too was contacted about an extra repair which I have declined as it was working fine when we sent it in. :o(

  • Zeb
    21st April 2016 (7:51 pm)

    Wish i had read this first, trying to decide how to get our iPad back.

  • char
    25th April 2016 (2:08 pm)

    Order 2nd april send off 6th paid 29.99 for broken screen. Will i ever see my son ipad again not replying to emails

  • Tilly R
    3rd May 2016 (1:51 pm)

    Well I’m in the same boat iPad Air with a cracked paid the extra for damaged head phone socket 40 quid said it would be back in 2 or 3 working days .Its a month over now and nothing .Emails not replied to and the phone number I don’t think exists .Getting really mad all I want is my tablet back .I think it’s trading standards for me as well .Another mug !!!!

  • Annie
    4th May 2016 (10:30 am)

    Me too-been had, £255 later and no returned iphone6. They’ve had my phone for 6 weeks. No response to emails, phone number doesn’t seem to work. Upsold me another repair like they have done all of you, telling me something was broken (that wasn’t when I sent it in). Going for the Paypal Resolution and Trading Standards route but will also pop down to their office. Do I need a bodyguard!??!

  • Mandy Fox
    7th May 2016 (10:00 pm)

    Thank you so much Craig I was getting ready to send fone angels 2 iPads to have the screens fixed thank God I search Google for reviews on just about anything including toilet seats lol ( my hubby says I border on the obsessive) but so far I’ve never yet been let down by my obsession sorry about your bad experience but thanks for sharing

  • Sam Rhydderch
    20th May 2016 (2:23 pm)

    Craig – I feel somewhat better having read all of these tales of woe – I feel like its not just me, and I am in the company of people that understand what this feels like. Of course, this does not detract from the fact that we have all been made to feel like bell-ends by these people – and I am still waiting for my Ipad and mobile phone back. I’ve had all of the above – delays, replacement parts (that it is impossible to verify if they are actually needed), negotiating replacement parts and given the mandatory fear stories of imminent failure. And, of course, the ultimate trick of ‘anticipating’ the requirement for new parts with only being able to tell when the work starts – and its too late to back out because the thing is in bits. These people are crooks and should be shut down. Is there no way that we can unite and get Watchdog involved in this? After this, taking my car for an MOT is like a vicars tea party. Thanks – Sam

  • Matt
    25th May 2016 (8:05 pm)

    If your going to leave a review on this company leave one on Google Reviews don’t use Trustpilot as all the negative reviews are reported and deleted by Fone Angels


  • SeanF
    29th June 2016 (12:42 pm)

    WOW this company sounds awful!

    I was just about to send off my Galaxy S5 to these people so they could repair a crack in the glass screen but after reading all of these reviews I think that I will just head down to my local repair shop instead to get the glass changed for £60.

    Thank you all for posting your reviews and saving me the trauma of dealing with these people AND getting ripped off AND having my device lost in limbo for an undisclosed number of weeks.

    I hope you all get your devices and refunds back quickly.

    Kind regards,

    • Craig Killick
      29th June 2016 (1:20 pm)

      That’s great news. Glad it was useful Sean

  • Mike
    1st July 2016 (10:53 am)

    Same experience as all the above (more or less). Childs iPad mini for repair sent over 6 weeks ago but nothing but a blatant upselling attempt.

    They have removed their entry on Google Maps so you can’t review them! Lovely people!

  • Helen
    7th July 2016 (5:07 pm)

    I may love you all… I was just about to pay for 2 ipad screens replacing.. I’ll buy the screens and do them myself i think.. or suck it up and go to Apple.. thank you and I hope you al get your issues sorted xx

  • Michelle
    19th July 2016 (11:08 am)

    Avoid Foneangels.

    Arghhhh! Foneangels seem to have screwed us over. Their website and even their customer services seem to be mis-selling services*. Think I will report them to trading standards.

    (*this comment has been edited and is attributed to the author and not Craig Killick.)

    Sent our Ipad for an LCD repair and upon inspection by the technician we were told that a new screen would be needed. Of course a new screen is needed – the digitiser is connected to the back of the pad and there is little possibility of having a fully operational screen after the method of removal, therefore the price of the new screen is included in the LCD repair fee isn’t it?
    Nope it is an extra cost which neither the website nor the individual I liaised with prior to sending it to Foneangels explains.
    I raised this and they advised they have a duty to inform me of the possibility of the screen not working after the repair and it is up to me how to proceed. I asked them to return the pad as it is and refund the LCD repair fee of £49.99. They replied saying they will be keeping £14.99 for the inspection time (!) and return fee.
    Funny how you can only add a ‘Testimony’ and no actual reviews on their website!

  • Michelle
    19th July 2016 (11:14 am)

    Just posted a poor review on the website – wonder if it will be approved!?

  • David Barouch
    1st August 2016 (2:07 pm)

    just got a county court judgement against them for my phone that was never repaired but they took my £100 what a fool i was now it seems the website is down perhaps they have gone bust with all our moneys – what a total joke i hope their directors are never allowed to trade again but i think they will probably find a way around the legal system !!!!

  • Derick Attwood
    10th August 2016 (9:20 pm)

    I’m yet another victim of FA’s,- ipad 4 sent early July, 2 weeks later ‘further work will cost etc etc’. Looked online and saw all the rage about them, I emailed ‘send me my ipad back, also a refund’, various gobbldeygook replies from Frankie & Daniel, finally threatened trading standards & small claims court, their reply to me was ‘ OK, but your device will be without a screen’, I told them they should be ashamed of themselves, & bombarded them with emails, finally 2 days ago I got a World Pay email with my payment (£29.99) and an email to say my device would be sent with a screen on. Yes, I got it back today, it won’t work at all, I got my money back today, I am out the original postage and have a device that doesn’t work. Is there nothing that can be done about these sharks? I’m sure that they read all the bad stuff about them as well, not that it makes any difference.

  • Jaxx Nelson
    5th September 2016 (12:34 pm)

    Seems I am a member of this awful club too. I paid £33.24 on the 29th July, then I was told I needed to pay another £29.99 on the 9th of August for a home button repair. On the 10th August I was told that I would receive it in 10-15 days. When that didn’t happen, I was told on the 5th September I was told I would receive it in 1-2 working days which again didn’t happen. They are 10 days late returning my item and I am doubtful if they will even send it back today. And also from reading other people’s complaints on Twitter, they have also been told to pay extra for services that they don’t need.

    I have complained to the TSA and have asked them for a refund for the extra 10 days that they took to send back my item, I want proof that the home button was necessary and I want proof of postage.

    I want to report them to the ASA, but I’m unsure what to put them down for – any advice?

  • David
    21st September 2016 (12:48 pm)

    I found this page after getting the emails saying my iPad needed extra work too. I replied twice to the effect please don’t do the extra work. Tensely waited to see what happened expecting to have to pay for the unnecessary work to get iPad back. Anyway after 10 days iPad was returned with glass replaced in decent packaging via signed for first class. Odd company as they have good website and service so really don’t need to be doing ‘bait and switch’ selling tactics. Will still send complaint to trading standards about the unnecessary work.

  • Bernard
    22nd September 2016 (2:00 pm)

    My iPad had suffered a fall and the screen had cracked. I received a quote of £44.99 (including a mail-in pack) from Phone Angels, which was the cheapest I could find, and they have plenty of satisfied customer according to their website, so I place an order on 1st April 2016. I even received an email offer of a 5% discount, so I replied to that and hoped it would be included.

    On 10th April, they emailed to say following a ‘second stage’ inspection that the Power Button might need replacing, at an additional cost of usually £49.99 but ‘specially reduced’ to £43.99. I initially declined this offer as I considered that the button was working fine, only the screen had cracked.

    On 11 April, they emailed again to insist that the Power Button was replaced, since ‘some of the work had already taken place’ and otherwise they couldn’t provide the 12 month warranty for the repair. But they would now offer to include this ‘extra work’ for £36.99
    I foolishly then offered to pay (no more than) an addtional £23.75 (including the original discount I expected) for this extra work; I immediately then received an additional invoice. At the time I felt pleased with my ‘negotiation’ but in retrospect I can see (based on others’ feedback) that they always ask for more funds like this, and I suspect there’s never anything wrong with the Power button. Total cost was now £68.74. A local shop had previously quoted £70 for a repair, so now this was barely cheaper.

    On 12th April, I received another email, this time providing me with an ‘update’ to advise that the repair was waiting for ‘parts allocation’ and would be made in 10-15 working days. However, if I would like to pay an another additional amount of £19.99, the repair could be made in 24 hours. I declined this offer as this additional cost would make it way more than a local repair, and felt I could wait.

    On 5th May, having received no further updates, I emailed them. They responded to say that the repair would take a further 5-8 working days.

    On 13th May, they sent a ‘repair tracker’ email to say the device repair was now in progress, and would take a further 2-3 working days

    On 17th May, I asked where my iPad was, they emailed to say the repair would be another 2-3 working days

    On 19th May, they sent me another ‘repair tracker’ email to say the item has passed quality check and would be dispatched in 1 working day

    On 24th May, I again asked where my item was, they replied to say it would be dispatched with 48 working hours, as it was undergoing ‘final quality checking and packing’

    On 25th May, I asked for another update and was told the item would be dispatched that day or the following day. I then received another ‘repair tracker email’ to say that the repair was complete, and would be dispatched by Royal Mail that day, with a delivery estimate of 24-48 hours. Two days later it finally arrived.

    In summary:
    – Total cost of repair was £68.74
    – But Phone Angels wanted me to pay £44.99+£43.99+£19.99= £108.97 for the repair, power button and fast return. I ‘negotiated’ this price down, but on reflection could have just refused to pay more (but then with no repair warranty)
    – The repair time was from 1st April – 27th May, so 40 working days or 2 months.

    To be fair, the repair was (eventually) made to a good standard, and I have had no problems with the iPad since.
    However, the quoting of a low initial repair price, followed by (once they have your device) the requesting of more money (twice) not only makes it no cheaper than local alternatives, but leaves you with the feeling that you’re being ‘scammed’ with no choice.
    And with a repair time of 2 months, this is unacceptable. The various updates received seem to imply that nothing was being done, perhaps waiting to see if I would pay the charge for ‘express service’
    Furthermore, the company has no published phone number or direct email address / contact name, hence the only way to find out what is going on is to send them a message via their website.

    Consequently, although I did finally get the device satisfactorily repaired, for about the ‘market rate’, give the long repair time and customer service, I cannot recommend this company. I would advise anyone looking for an iPad repair to see a local shop that you can walk into and agree a fixed price and repair time with. At least that way, you could go back, check on progress and take the item away again.

  • Shahina
    29th September 2016 (10:00 am)

    Have just watched rip off Britain where Fone Angel (29/09/2016) was featured . Definitely a company to be avoided at all costs!

  • Craig Killick
    29th September 2016 (10:07 am)

    Here’s the link to todays RIP OFF BRITAIN on FONEANGELs – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07xnp31/rip-off-britain-series-8-episode-14

  • Adrian
    29th September 2016 (11:25 am)

    We sent off an iPad Mini – cracked screen. We got the ‘needs extra repairs’ gambit… Having read around (including this blog site), we wrote asking them to send the device back, using a pro-forma letter which quoted the Distance Selling Regulations. (14 days cooling off period for the consumer, and the consumer can cancel the contract without reason or justification.

    Amazingly, they had repaired the device just the day before (having said that they hadn’t started any repair)….

    I’d never use this lot again.

  • Richard Overfield
    29th September 2016 (1:33 pm)


    I repair iPad’s for a living. The iPad Mini Home Button Flex Connector which they attempted to charge you an extra £44.99 for comes as part of the front glass (Digitizer). You have to replace that part when you replace the front glass. It comes as one. We are less than a 10 minute drive from Fone Angels and we have numerous customers coming to us who have been let down by Fone Angels. I don’t usually comment (it’s normal for a business to slate one of their competitors, isn’t it?!), but on this occasion a blatant attempt has been made to rip you off!

    Hope you managed to get your iPad repaired. If not, get in touch!

  • abha
    5th October 2016 (10:10 pm)

    READ ALL REVIEWS DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! We sent two fully working items to them for screen repair. The ipad now has no touch screen and is unusable they state it is due to the cracked screen damaging the motherboard, I think this is a lie it was fully working before hand and it is due to a poor repair and bad connections. The iphone now freezes and the new battery they charged us extra for last two hours max.

  • Gary
    24th October 2016 (4:35 pm)

    Unfortunately I’m another victim, something really should be done about this company, I’ve been told I’m getting a refund and they’ll send my phone back 1st class signed for, they’ll probably get round to it next year based on their activities so far. I sent my iphone to them for £7.29 via Royal Mail however they’re charging me £14.99 for postage an packaging. Under no circumstances should anyone ever use this company (if it is a company).

  • Sam Sheridan
    31st October 2016 (9:49 am)

    Oh no. Very similar story to everyone above. Haven’t really chased my order as was trying to teach a 13 year old to respect and value things but now, having read all of the above, I’m feeling like a bit of an idiot! Can nothing be done???

  • James Butcher
    2nd November 2016 (9:29 am)






    {*slightly edited by webmaster}

  • James Butcher
    16th November 2016 (6:58 am)

    Subsequent to my comments above, now that I have trading standards phone number I am contacting them today. To restate my response about phone angels……I cannot believe they are allowed to trade. I am more angry that they are allowed to trade then the way I feel they cheated me and the damage they caused to my two i-pads.

    { slightly edited by webmaster }

  • Wendy Garrett
    21st November 2016 (7:12 pm)

    They had my ipad for over 2 months and after barraging them on twitter I have received it back – not working. Having taken it to a local repair shop (wish I had done that in the first place!) here are their comments on the work done by FoneAngels:

    Not good news I’m afraid, the touchscreen issue is due to the FPC connector on the logic board, to which the screen plugs in, has been ripped off. They have then attempted a fix using sellotape to hold it all in place! That damage can only be caused by incompetence when they disassembled.

    Further, all four screws that hold the LCD in place are missing, the full metal shield that sits behind the LCD is missing, WiFi antenna torn and the screen itself is a very cheap copy part, held in by a mix of double sided tape and super glue. I’m afraid the screen broke when I attempted to remove but I wouldn’t re-use anyway as it’s such a poor quality item.

    I have never seen damage such as this caused by a supposedly professional repair outfit, truly shocking, were it me I’d be looking to sue them through the small claims court.

  • Franck Bosch
    13th December 2016 (10:23 pm)

    I just [used] Foneangels who are in possession of my daughter’s ipad mini. They claim to have a phone line which is no longer use and they don’t answer to any emails or letters.
    I requested the return of my iPad mini but so far the only responses I have received are automated email messages. I am lost for words and will probably end up having to drive from Manchester to their office in Hertfordshire to recover that iPad mini.

    • Barry harradine
      14th December 2016 (3:50 pm)

      I will go with you — to collect my iPhone which they have had since Nov 21st ,same thing — phone line useless and just auto response emails – wonder if the office even exists !!

      • Franck Bosch
        15th December 2016 (3:18 pm)

        Hi Barry,
        my phone is 07843616160, feel free to give me a ring and we can schedule our visit to their office.
        I also sent an email to their managing director (Tim Bennett) who I found on linkedin but unsurprisingly I did not receive any response.

        • Barry harradine
          15th December 2016 (8:25 pm)

          Hi Franck
          I had email from them today to say my order has been upgraded to priority- 5-7days – just more stalling tactics .
          I told them I was cancelling my order and to return my phone and refund payments totalling £80 .
          If nothing happens I plan to go there this coming Monday or Tuesday

          • Franck Bosch
            16th December 2016 (1:18 pm)

            Hi Barry,
            Although Fone Angels didn’t bother responding to any of my communications (including letter sent in guaranteed delivery) they have just returned my iPad mini. They however made sure that I could not request a refund by replacing the cracked glass and they made sure that I would not be able to use the iPad either by replacing my battery with a faulty one (as the iPad does power up anymore and no longer charges). Conclusion, I will never use [this company] again and will send my iPad mini to Apple to get things sorted.
            Below is another interesting link that I found https://pro9ram.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/fone-angels-dont-like-bad-reviews/

            The part I like from it is the following https://pro9ram.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/fa.png

            [slight edit by webmaster]

      • Franck Bosch
        15th December 2016 (5:44 pm)

        Hi Barry,
        Could you raise a report with http://actionfraud.police.uk/
        Their Phone number is 03001232040
        BBC One also have a watchdog page to submit your story https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/contact

  • Barry harradine
    19th December 2016 (7:54 pm)

    Hi Franck
    Sorry to hear about your poor repair ,and thanks for the info .
    Since last thursday I have been asking them to return my iPhone unrepaired and to refund me ,less the return courier charge of £14.99 – which I understand they do anyway .
    I have sent 2 more emails over the weekend -which they wouldn’t view till Monday – stating that if they didn’t notify me by this tues of a tracking number I intend to report them to Trading Standards and also report my phone as stolen to the police .

  • Andy Raftry
    22nd December 2016 (9:03 am)

    OMG, if only I had done the research and read this before contacting these people.

    I had a similar “service” with my ipad mini but seems I got off lightly, I got the repair done eventually and the device back but they did manage to trap a piece of dirt under the screen and the customer service was incredibly bad. I had to threaten to get the Police involved to get my device back from them.

    Surely, Trading Standards are closing this business down?

  • Paul Thorpe
    24th December 2016 (6:59 pm)

    I can totally relate to “Why Fone Angels Left Me Feeling Like A Bell-End” as they’ve had my daughter’s iPad for 6 -7 weeks now as I’d relied on other reviews. It’s not that customer service is poor as there isn’t any unless you chase them. No updates informing of progress ( or should I say lack of).

  • David Brigden
    1st January 2017 (9:21 pm)

    Oh how I wish I had seen this thread before taking my iPad air (upon which I manage my business) to Fone Angels on 21 November 2016.
    When the nice man took my iPad he advised me that it wouldn’t be looked for 4 – 5 days – I could live with this. After 6 days I received an email telling me that it had been looked at and scheduled for repair in 10 – 15 days, which I was not prepared to accept, it only takes about 3 hours to repair a cracked screen for Christ sake!
    After the 15th day had expired I emailed them again and was told that it was placed on “high priority” and I would be notified when it has been dispatched. This was on 21 December, exactly one month after I had delivered it to them.
    Tomorrow it will be exactly SIX weeks it has been in their hands.
    Fone Angels is without a shadow of a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with.
    I will be doing all I can to advise others about the “service” they provide.

  • Kitten009
    13th January 2017 (12:03 pm)

    Absolutely disgusting service – Order number 79577

    An apple tablet was sent in for repairs booked on the 7th of December 2016, they said they would be done in 10 to 15 working days, Order Number 79577.

    Within a day they sent a message that they couldn’t replace the screen without replacing the battery and to return the tablet without this extra repair will warrant an extra charge. Being caught in a catch 190, I asked that they add the battery replacement repair (something I know I didn’t need but nonetheless I was charged for).

    Anyhow, today is the 13th of January 2017, I have not received my tablet (outside their repair window stated), I have not received a single message from them, every email I send to them is not replied, they just acknowledge receipt with a no reply email address and that is that.

    I have tried calling them on the phone: Freephone: 0800 334 5442 Local Call: 01923 590 037, and I was directed to automated machines that tell me to leave a message after a beep “as they are busy”, that beep never comes but the call cuts and ends.

    I have send a message on their online contact us form: it is like talking to a genie with no ears.

    I have now assumed this is a sham company and they may decide to just disappear with my tablet as there is no other means of contacting them until such a time that they decide to reply or return my tablet.

    My advice to you, don’t use them, your local tablet repairer probably has more credibility than these guys.

    PS: They had the thought to mark my review up on Trust Pilot because they claim they cannot find me on their records, so Now I am Posting a review on every single review website in the world.

  • Fone Angels are not great
    25th January 2017 (4:07 pm)

    WOW – i so wish i had seen this. I am too a ‘bell end’ – worked in tech 20 yrs so should have seen this coming, fixed screen previously but my little angel broke his and i thought … i am busy etc. Sent it late Nov 16 for an xmas present fix – email back we need more £ for a screen as the digitizer has gone, which i understand – hard to get the screen off in tact. Its now 25th January 2017 – no response to emails, phone on permanament answer machine.

    Worried they are actually still in business!!

  • Craig
    10th February 2017 (10:55 am)

    I had the usual business of being asked for more money once they had the iPhone (5C). In the end they repaired the screen, it was a simple crack, took 5 weeks, but the screen is badly fitted and sits unevenly and quite proud in places. The home button works fine (they said it needed repairing) but the actual touch screen is extremely poor. Took twenty minutes to start using the phone it is so glitchy! It was actually much more usable when the screen was was broken.
    I won’t be asking them to remedy their mistake, I can’t wait another 5 weeks or be bothered with the hassle of dealing with this company.
    Lesson learned. Be warned!

  • carl
    13th February 2017 (12:54 pm)

    Thanks for the warning, I was bout to hit the GO button when I discovered this blog. I wont be sending my phone to FoneAngels.

  • Martyn Douglas
    21st February 2017 (10:05 am)

    Oh dear! They have had my iPad Air 2 since January and are not answering my emails. They say the cannot get the glass, yet their own blog has satisfied customers saying how pleased they are with the repair, after mine was sent in – so I can only assume they may be fake. I paid for 24hr repair and it’s now six weeks! Any advise about how I can revover my iPad? It was only two months old too!

    • Sophie Burks
      14th March 2017 (5:12 pm)

      Hey Martyn, was in a similar situation to you earlier this year – managed to get my devices back eventually (although one of them was still broken) by tweeting at them, and tagging @actionfrauduk, and @bbcwatchdog at the same time – that was the only thing that got a response.

  • Ratty
    28th February 2017 (10:50 am)

    as well as Rip Off Britain, Fone Angels have appeared on watchdog on 3.

    they can’t stay in business for too long.

  • Sophie
    14th March 2017 (5:15 pm)

    Am in the process of trying to get my money back from Fone Angels UK. After they had my devices for 3 months, they sent one of them back still broken! In the end I just took it to Apple for a repair (they said the battery was still unusable) rather than trust them to fix it a second time. Trying to get a refund, because now I’m out a couple of hundred quid, but they’re refusing to refund me without proof. Have complained to trading standards and sent them a letter using the template trading standards gave me – and would really recommend everyone does the same! Hopefully if we all kick off, they’ll have to shut down.

  • Julian
    22nd March 2017 (12:22 am)

    Wish I had seen this site last week! They have had my iphone 6 since Fri 17th March and emailed today to request more money for another repair. I have said just send it back now. I hope to get it back fairly quickly unrepaired and then deal with getting a refund. How are they still going / Do the trading standards do anything?

  • Gemma Byrne
    4th April 2017 (1:53 pm)

    I am in a similar situation – they have three of my devices and could kick myself as I am normally so good at checking reviews but like you all say only positive ones that are allowed to be posted (I didn’t think that was actually alllowed?) Anyway, any advice on how to get mine belongings back will be gratefully received, i have a feeling I may have to drive over there myself as they are not responding to any of my emails and I cannot contact them on the phone.

    • Frank
      12th April 2017 (7:44 pm)

      The company have gone into liquidation. Best cancelling your order and getting your money back

  • Emma
    10th April 2017 (9:35 pm)

    I wish I’d read found this thread before I sent my iPad off…it all sounds very familiar. I simply requested a replacement screen -it wasn’t badly damaged, but I thought I’d do the sensible thing and repair it, but the first email to me was to try and up sell, saying the home button ‘may break in the future ‘ if they didn’t replace it! Just like any other part of any device I informed them! Other issues, no number to call them, vague replies and one word emails! The final straw was incredible really, they despatched it, first class, but it didn’t turn up, after chasing them for days they told me I’d just have to wait…?? How long I asked, when I could reasonably expect it within one day!? 10 days later I discovered that the reason it hadn’t arrived was because they hadn’t paid enough postage and my £400 iPad was sitting at my local Royal Mail depot!! Awful company, if you are lucky enough to read these comments, take the advice and don’t send your device to them! Ever!

  • Frank
    12th April 2017 (4:29 pm)

    it’s Official, Fone Angels have gone in to liquidatation. They can’t pay their debts.

    Yet worryingly they are still open for business, and the legal onus has been under taken by Tim Bennett himself, as opposed to the Ltd company. It is legal but can Run be trusted to honour things?

    For prospective customers stay well clear. I’m unsure if your device could be used as an asset to pay off debts

  • Neil
    12th April 2017 (6:21 pm)

    I sent my sons ipad off last week. Already had the email about the wi-fi reciever flex is slightly damaged and needs replacing incase of future problems. Told them no, but they say that the warranty will be invalid. Wish i had seen the reviews but the website had only good ones. Im worried after the liquidation comment that i wont get it back now

  • Mik
    26th April 2017 (12:51 pm)

    As Frank says Fone Angels (now RepairPhone2017 Ltd) have indeed applied for a voluntary winding up order and have appointed a Liquidator.

    More info on this site

    Fone Angels changes name to RepairPhone2017 Ltd on 28 Feb 17
    RepairPhone2017 Ltd filed for voluntary winding up order 6 Apr 17

  • Mark
    30th April 2017 (5:39 am)

    I wish I had seen this too!
    How can they still be taking orders.
    I have only just sent my iPad for a screen repair…
    Again got the same reply about extra work needing to be done…..which I declined…
    Trying to work out my next step now…

  • Rob
    17th May 2017 (3:35 pm)

    A few months ago I had a terrible experience with Fone Angels where I had my sons i phone repaired, but after having it for around 3 weeks they then wanted more money, so I asked for it back and that took another week or so to get the phone and the refund.

    After a few days myself and my wife revisited the idea of having his phone repaired and looked online again and we came across this company iswapmobiles.co.uk we had a look around the website, and suddenly noticed it had a same address as fone angels , we thought surely not, so got the wife call them & yes it is the “sister company” so just a word warning about these, watch out, and spread the word it is the same company !

  • Mark
    19th May 2017 (11:10 am)

    I read this the day after I sent my iPad to foneangels for a broken screen repair, I too had them mail me a couple of times saying that my iPad needed an additional repair but as it was a headphone jack I wasn’t too bothered so declined on both counts.
    After reading this I was pretty panicked by the whole situation…
    My iPad took over 2 weeks to repair, I was sent emails from foneangels on the progress whether true or false I felt it was a good gesture.
    After 2 weeks I got my iPad delivered back completely repaired and working perfectly!
    From my own experience and for 30 quid they provided a good service and I can’t complain.
    I thought it apt to write something positive as not all dealings with the company are negative.

  • Hasnein Rajani
    1st August 2017 (9:53 pm)

    [slightly edited by blog administrator]

    My disabled father found this company online and thought he’d give it a shot for my mothers iPhone. Just a screen replacement/repair with a new screen protector put on. We sent the phone on 24/07/2017, recorded. It was received on 25/07/2017 AM, signed for and put through the system. That was the last communication we had from them. Called them and emailed them several times. The phone always rings twice and goes to voicemail to which you never receive a phone call back. We received the phone back this afternoon to find that the screen is not as responsive as it was before but the phone call speaker is not working unless if you put the phone on loudspeaker, which defeats the object of privacy. I’ve emailed them tonight complaining of the issue, but probably won’t get a response, so will have to dig deeper tomorrow. What an absolute farce. Should’ve read the negative reviews before trusting this company. #RipOffBritain #FoneAngels

  • Paul Walker
    8th August 2017 (10:22 am)

    [slighty edited by blog administrator]

    I have sent my IPad to phoneangles for repairs paying over £120 this was two and a half weeks ago. after repeated Email. can phone calls ( because no one ever answers the phone) i still have not received any thing from them. I am beginning to believe the whole company is [not what it seems].
    Trading standards next.

  • Trish Cockle
    4th September 2017 (2:19 pm)

    I really wish I had read this before sending my damaged mobile to them fro replacement screen. I first sent them the £29.99 on 4th August, received nothing from them then emailed after which I received 2 mail packs. Sent it off 14th August special, next day delivery, and they were very prompt in acknowledging receipt then following up but each time I asked for an update. However, it seemed to be the same response each time i.e. around 5 more working days. After they had had it for 3 weeks my partner, who happened to be in the area, went to their office to find that all their staff were sitting outside on the wall smoking. The receptionist called one of them in who promptly handed over the (unrepaired) phone, turned his back and walked back outside.
    I immediately received an email with a refund although I had said I didn’t care about the money, I just wanted my phone back

  • Paul Reddington
    20th September 2017 (3:09 pm)

    Oh dear. I wish I’d googled them first. They have had my son’s iPad mini for two weeks now and are not replying to my emails any more (they ‘identified a potential problem with the front camera that ‘may’ go wrong in the future) I said to send it back asap. If I call their number, they have a recorded message on all three options and leaving a message doesn’t get a reply.

    I am thinking of calling the Police.

  • Alison Gill
    21st September 2017 (2:46 pm)

    How about we all group together and find someone in the area who can walk in that place and get all our phones back?

  • Alison Gill
    21st September 2017 (2:46 pm)

    Shall we start a facebook page?

  • Paul Reddington
    27th September 2017 (5:00 pm)

    Hi Alison Yes let’s start a Facebook Page. And I’m trying to find someone in the area who can go to their offices!

  • Tori Yerbury
    2nd October 2017 (1:17 pm)

    I’m in exactly the same boat, they have my iPhone Andy my iPad, they have had £228 off me. No communication, no repairs, only an upswell for £36.99 which I have paid and no communication again!

    Have rung citizens advice and trading standards. I am free to go there on. Thursday 5th October to collect my items and to receive a refund. Anyone want to come with me?

  • Tori yerbury
    6th October 2017 (2:38 pm)

    Ok it gets worse!!

    My phone has been returned by signed for delivery (not tracked). It has had nothing done to it at all but they said it was fixed and I’m working order. I paid £39.99 for liquid damage and an extra £7.99 for a tempered glass protector.

    My £600 iPad, they say has been returned, but it hasn’t arrived and as it was only sent signed for it can’t be tracked. Because I am not in possession of the iPad, I can’t claim for services not delivered on visa disputes.

    I have sent in a full complaint, but heard nothing.

    Today I had an update saying they have received my device and I have a 14 day cooling off period.

    I just want my iPad back. My son is distraught, our whole family clubbed together to buy it.

    Just devastated. And feel so stupid for using them! Why are they still in business?

    • Tori
      7th December 2017 (7:42 pm)

      Update for everyone

      After I reported to the fraud squad, I suddenly got my iPad back fixed!

      I then raised a visa dispute over the non fixed iPhone and got a full refund for what I paid for the iPhone fix.

      Don’t give up! I got there in the end.

  • TimY
    26th October 2017 (10:02 am)

    interesting reading, not been involved with [this company], however I did just watch a segment on Ripoff Britain pertaining to them. Seems as though they are still at it. [deleted]

    BE WARNED!!!!!

    [ ] edited by webmaster

  • Grant
    1st November 2017 (3:13 pm)

    I’m also stuck in a similar situation. Is everyone reporting their concerns to Trading Standards? If not please, please, please do! It’s the only thing that will protect others from falling into the same trap.

    • Chris
      16th February 2018 (12:01 pm)

      Trading standards have been contacted numerous times over the years. Fone Angels went bust last year, he owed his creditors allot of money. He then had permission to keep it going and I now think it’s been transferred to a new company run by Tim.

  • Mark
    6th December 2017 (10:14 am)

    Not much I can add, except +1. They are not good.

  • Mark
    20th January 2018 (11:00 am)

    OK…so I would like to correct and update what I wrote earlier on this feed, when they eventually returned my iPad all seemed fine, a few months later the screen was not as responsive as it used to be and then when I picked up my iPad with very little pressure on the screen it cracked, then with more use it got worse with small sharp glass fragments falling off. Obviously they use sub standard parts. I would not recommend this company.

  • Chris
    16th February 2018 (11:59 am)

    Hi all here’s another one to be careful of.

    MED Repairs based in Watford. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10980489/officers

    Has anyone had an email from them out of the blue?

    I looked into it and the website terms, FAQs were a complete copy to that of the infamous Fone Angels. So I thought it polite to Email Tim Bennett, with the company details. Explaining that my private details have been obtained from somewhere and given the nature of the business, they were also in a Regus building and located not far from Fone Angels my suspicions were raised immediately. I Included the link as above.

    He responded, yes you read that correctly. Though Tim denied any knowledge of the data breach and didn’t want any involvement. Completely washing his hands before even investigating.

    So today I did some investigating myself. In short it turns out the Ionut Belcea the owner of the new business used to work in Rickmansworth in a Regus building, and not only that a number of Fone Angels employees (current or former) are all friends on Facebook. Ionut is also I might add a phone technician and was/is a store manager of iSmash. Not only that but a number of trustpilot reviews have been written by his brother, former colleagues and friends.

    So in short if you’ve had an email from them your data has been taken most likely from Fone Angels and is being used to for their gain. A complete violation of the data protection act.

  • Alex Jenkins
    21st May 2018 (4:45 pm)

    It seems Fone Angels have changed their name to screen fixers now : / same owner, same office etc….

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