Rolling the snowball back up the hill

Posted on 21st February 2015

facial I had a facial this week in one our beauty salons. I’ve had facials before but this was the deluxe 90 minute version because they needed a model for training. It’s a tough job, but I obliged.

I thought the treatment was just an extended version of the ones I’d had before that lasted 60 minutes. I then spent a lot of the experience saying things like, “Is this part of the facial we do for clients?”, “Do you get this in the 60 minute version?”.

My point… I didn’t know much about this product we sell, one that I do the marketing for and one that is arguably one of our top-of-the-range treatments.

What makes it worse is that the treatment is amazing and is now my new favourite treatment. What would happen if we marketed it better? If we could get across the full extent of the experience?

Meanwhile, back in B2B land, I had two new business meetings this week.

During both, I discussed with the client the reason why people buy what they sell.

NOT what they sell… Or what they think they sell…

But the reason why someone might need the services they offer. That problem (maybe two decisions back up the thought process) that started the ball rolling, bearing in mind these will be different and may change between vertical markets.

It’s quite enlightening when you pull it back like that.

So, two questions…

  • When’s the last time you were your own customer with fresh eyes?
  • Are you so blinded by what you do that you overlook the reasons why people might need what you sell?


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