The Malls Signage in Basingstoke

Posted on 2nd January 2015

I’ve tweeted about this over the past three months because every time I walk through Castle Square in the Malls my brain explodes.

I don’t expect Times Square or Piccadilly Circus, but that video screen in The Malls has had a broken section for a long time.

It’s embarrassing.

It’s not as embarrassing as the fact that my ZX Spectrum had a better screen resolution back in the eighties, but it’s a close run thing.

I took a sales call during 2014 – twice – from some over-eager ad exec, reading from a script telling me how much of a ‘no brainer’ it would be to advertise on that board. He was even condescending enough for me to put the phone down on him.

I watched the adverts rotate the other day to see a small Top Of The Town business advertising on it. I feel like giving him a Chinese burn and forcing him to ask for his money back except the resolution is so bad I can’t work out his telephone number to arrange an appointment.

Basingstoke Council. Well done to the person that sat in a meeting and said, “Yes, but if we go for the cheaper screen with the resolution of a Tomy kids computer we will leave an extra £500 on our budget which we can put into buying more biscuits for our meetings. All in favour…”.

Despite my sarcasm I am a fan of what Basingstoke Council is trying to do, but half-arsed simply isn’t good enough. Papering over cracks may look good for a tenured councillors career, but I want my kids to grow up in a town that can raise it’s vision to compete with the Korean Basingstoke, or the Russian Bracknell for that matter. Because that’s where we’re at – RIGHT NOW.

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