Can I Just Interrupt You For One Moment

Posted on 17th January 2015

I just want to take one minute of your time today sir/madam to tell you how much I hate being interrupted.

On commercial TV, I turn over when the adverts  are on.

I put the phone down on telemarketers, even when I ask them the question, “Can we cut to chase, what are you selling?” and they reply… “Oh, I’m not trying to sell you anything”.

I ignore the horrible, horrible, chuggers who my local council love renting the market square out to, even though they must be my friend because they are so very, very friendly when they say, “Have you got a minute today my friend.”

I dodge the sales people selling RAC membership as I enter Sainsbury’s, and I say no thank-you to the local Scouts as they ask me if they can help to pack my shopping.

Yes, I am a miserable twat. But, I am also being interrupted by stuff I have no need for.

Technology means that it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. Unfortunately, human nature and second-rate sales managers and would-be marketers mean it always will be.

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