Keep Calm And Dilute a Brand

Posted on 9th December 2014

I remember when I first saw the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster a few years ago. It took my imagination straight to the Second World War, imagining hardened London families pulling together to stick two fingers up to Hitler.

But. We live in a generation where war is slightly different and not on our doorstep. We all think we’re taking part because we give out £1 to Help The Heroes every so often and we see how bad it looks on the news as we sit with our feet up drinking our tea and gawping at our 42″ plasmas.

Don’t get me wrong – I have simply no idea myself.

That fact is, we live in a time when brand, marketing and communications do more damage than a gun and by our own propaganda – fed by governments and corporations – we believe what suits the agenda.

It shows you have far we have regressed – from an era where we took on a stiff upper lip; to a time where an idiot like Nigel Farage can mobilise the disenfranchised into blaming their personal woes onto the non-indigenous. (Sound familiar Herr Farage?).


Anyway, back to my point. The Keep Calm and Carry On brand. I love it. But… I DO NOT WANT TO…

  • Keep calm and have a cupcake;
  • Keep calm and make a cup of tea; or,
  • keep calm and chill out.

Thank you once again money grabbing marketing twats. Rinse, repeat, dilute and ruin.

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