Back. Again.

Posted on 6th December 2014

Back. Again.

Not sure why.

Just seemed time. I was also gee’d on by my friend Bob Lethaby’s Blog.

Lot’s of ideas and gumph to share – probably not worth toffee, but it makes me feel better writing it down.

I’m sceptical about blogs and social media in general so this website is formed and created with 100% hypocrisy on my part. That said, I am in no doubt that we are all walking paradoxes anyway.

2 Replies to "Back. Again."

  • Bob Lethaby
    7th December 2014 (1:28 pm)

    Hooray..Good to see you back and thanks for the plug!

  • Richard
    9th December 2014 (10:30 am)

    Looking forward to seeing this develop! Again 😉

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