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Christmas Eve Shopping Joy

I was so naive I decided to take my two lively daughters in to town on Christmas Eve to soak up the atmosphere and get the last little bits for mummy.

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Game Changing Home Deliveries

Home delivery isn't a new thing. Local retailers used to do it a lot - as value add. But then along came superstores and consumerism.

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Keep Calm And Dilute a Brand

I remember when I first saw the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster a few years ago. It took my imagination straight to the Second World War. But now?

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Small Business Saturday

As I made my way through the crowds in the Top Of Town, I wonder if it's even worth trying to save the high street. Let's confine it to DAVE and reminisce.

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Back. Again.

Back. Again. Not sure why. Just seemed time. I was also gee'd on by my friend Bob Lethaby's Blog. Lot's of ideas and gumph to share - probably not worth toffee, but it makes me feel better writing it down. I'm sceptical about blogs and social media in general so this website is formed and created with 100% hypocrisy on my part. That said, I am in no doubt ...

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